Through the eyes of the owner


Having received a new car, they conducted “prelaunch preparation” for two weeks: they tightened the fasteners, adjusted …

Sergey OTS

True, we not only eliminated the UAZ defects: we installed additional fog lights, oversized wipers, two shades in the cabin, a sheet of plywood 6 mm thick under the rear seat and in the trunk, so that it would be easier to move the main load movies in containers. Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself right away: I work in the Novgorod region, the driver of the Druzhba movie theater in Borovichi.

On the first of December 1993, the UAZ 3151 2 left the warm garage for the first time on the working route - and immediately presented the first unpleasant surprise. Moving along the Valdai-Ustyuzhna highway, where my almost unloaded goat tried to jump on every pothole, I smelled smoke. He stopped - black smoke poured out from under the hood. Quickly turned off the ignition, turned off the "mass" and opened the hood. The hoses of the idle system of the carburetor K-151B (rubber in a textile braid) were burning. They turned out to be too long and when swinging, they touched a hot collector. He quickly shot down the flame with the first snow that fell the day before, and on time: the gas hose in front of the carburetor had already begun to char.

At the 53rd thousand, “overlaid” the engine. Suspicion on the valves disappeared when they checked the compression. The candles and the distributor cap were also in order. A driver from a nearby garage accurately indicated the reason: the manifold gasket near the first cylinder burned out (he had it on the same car).

Another "tricky" malfunction crawled out at the 71st thousand. When driving in direct gear on a highway at a speed of 80 km / h, the arrow of the oil pressure indicator shook and from “5” fell to “1”. With a decrease in engine speed, the pressure rose to 3-4 kgf / cm2, and with an increase, it dropped to 1. Checking with a control manometer confirmed the "hooligan" behavior of the lubrication system. Interviewed veteran drivers, gathered a consultation of specialists and took up the elimination of probable causes. Replaced the filter and oil, temporarily put a proven oil pump with a supply tube, checked the stub axle of the valve rocker arms and the stub in the crankshaft. Nothing helped and I had to drive no faster than 70 km / h. After starting the engine, the control lamp goes out immediately and does not light up, although the device no longer shows more than 2 kgf / cm2. I continue to search for the reason.

What else happened?

The first fan belt withstood 27 thousand km, the second was replaced by the 57th thousand, the third by the 84th. “Walking” belts, of course, are few, although I maintain tension in the norm.

After a run of 30 thousand km, the front and rear wheels were swapped. All tires replaced only in the 70th thousand. I think this is the result of a calm driving style and good quality rubber Yaroslavl tire factory.

He replaced the spark plugs with the 40th, the second time with the 80th thousand. I would like to change them more often, but the funds do not allow. I tighten the shanks of bridges and transfer case through 20-30 thousand km. The rear axle joints were replaced by the 70th thousand. On the 51st, a fluid leak from the clutch reservoir was detected: a crack formed near the base of the reservoir.

By 60 thousand, the engine had an appetite. Having disassembled the carburetor, I found that the holes in the air jets were heavily "overgrown". In general, with increased fuel consumption I fought from the first days - I washed and adjusted the carburetor, lubricated the throttle valves, and cleaned the air filter. Later he installed a filter element of the latest design - like a household vacuum cleaner. I clean it after 5-10 thousand km. But the gasoline consumption required by our company - 16 l / 100 km - I never reached. In the best of times, my UAZ spends 18 liters at work.

More about some nodes that "did not survive" to 100 thousand km. Starter regularly served 76 thousand. At times, the vacuum brake booster begins to suck in air, but as long as the brakes are effective, I do not touch this complex unit. On the 91st thousand, he removed all the gaskets of the steering pivots, but in a year it will be necessary to sort out the front axle with the replacement of bushings and pivots.

I try to maintain the car according to the instruction manual. I change the oil in the engine and filters in 10 thousand, syringe everything with “Litol-24” in 5–6 thousand, the transmission oil in all units replaced after 70 thousand. I use all oils and grease of domestic production.

Corrosion is gradually doing its dirty job. Rust shows up on the folds of the wings, and by the 83rd thousand she managed to "bite off" both the rear and front mudguards.

Yes, you can write a lot about our roads too: it seems that this is the ideal place to hold the ст Mstinsky Sills rally ’(the asphalt surface is very similar to the bed of our rapids of the Msta River).