The column materials were prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKIY, Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV, Sergey ZINOVIEV


In many countries, long-distance travel by car has long been no wonder. Fans of this type of recreation unite in clubs, issue magazines, equip special parking lots for them and, of course, build cars. And although someone is quite happy with the “camper” trailers, where you can get comfortable enough, this is not enough for the most inveterate travelers. It is for them that the American company United Specialties also produces "motor homes", taking into account the wishes of customers.

One of the most famous cars of the company that exists for only two years is called Trendsetter (in free translation - “trendsetter”). It is based on the Chevrolet-S7500 truck platform with a gross weight of 9 tons! A typical example of American gigantomania? In part, yes. But this approach has its own advantages, understandable only to Americans.

First of all, trucks were originally designed for intensive use, which means they can wind hundreds of thousands of kilometers a year without repair. In addition, at a price sometimes exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, a full-fledged “motor home” does not fall under either the “luxury” tax or the taxes levied on commercial vehicles.

Let's look inside the miniature “apartment”, where there is everything you need for long trips, starting from the refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, TV, air conditioning and ending with a shower and toilet. The car provides three berths, on request all furniture is finished with leather or velor.

Such a "walking house" requires, of course, some skill in driving a real truck. The owner is provided with all the charms of communicating with an eight-speed manual gearbox, high diesel consumption and parking problems.

Technical specifications

The engine is diesel; the number of cylinders, valves and displacement - 6x12x6596 cmz; net power - 205 kW / 278 l. with. at 2450 rpm; maximum torque - 996 N.m at 1470 rpm. Gearbox - manual 8-speed. Body - 2-seater