“But that contradicts common sense!” - remarked Philby.

“What is common sense?” Asked the Time Traveler.

Herbert Wells. "Time Machine"


As a child, we all flew to Saturn and hunted for lions - albeit not in reality. However, years passed, and dreams of sunken ships bashfully gave way to the cultivation of a summer cottage near Taldom and the repair of rusty Zhiguli.

Fortunately for us, at all times there were eccentrics who did not want to know that everything had already been invented, and miracles were forbidden by the known laws of the material world. Incredible movers, IMPOSSIBLE chemical compounds, and simply ANYTHING reappeared. One of these SOMETHING, by the will of its creators, took the form of an ordinary tablet, giving rise to a number of amazing and incomprehensible events …


- I, Giuseppe Cagliostro, the Supreme Hierarch of existence, appeal to the forces of soulless and incorporeal …

This visitor to the test department was not like the television Cagliostro - he did not predict the future and did not collect money in a circle.

“There is such a pill, ” he began politely, perching on the edge of a chair. - You put it on a car - the exhaust becomes an order of magnitude cleaner. Can be tested on your machines, and then …

The editor silently opened the cabinet and dumped on the table a collection of magnetizers, ionizers, swirlers.

- Sorry, - the guest was embarrassed, - did not want to offend. I just hate amateurs from the physics department - the vacuum is not distinguished from the podium, but there … Everything is simpler - before your eyes I am gluing my tablet to the bottom of the gas tank - the readings of the device will immediately decrease. Of course, I don’t touch the motor. By the way, it is better first to limit yourself to three or four cars, so that you and your colleagues will feel the difference. Then you can arrange everything “according to science” - we give you a dozen numbered tablets, half of them are dummies, half are encoded. Put them on different cars and look at which something has changed. Then we compare observations. Well, how - persuaded?

Curiosity triumphed in the bureaucrat’s hard struggle with the researcher. We removed the editorial gas analyzer, to which, creaking springs, taxied on a well-worn "Volga". The inventor stood indifferent ten meters away: “I do not want the field to affect ahead of time, ” he explained.

A probe was inserted into the shaking exhaust pipe - the gas analyzer reached the 1.2% mark, where it froze. Under the scornful glances of the experienced, the inventor squatted and quickly thrust a small object under the gas tank clamp. Then he got up and calmly stepped aside.

“Travel a week or two, ” he admonished. - Several such cars are already running around Moscow - the effect is within the expected range. By the way, how much do we have there?

An unemotional device showed 0.4% …


A “tablet” is a washer with a diameter of about 40 mm and a height of 3 mm. One side is flat, the other is convex. The material in appearance resembles an epoxy resin, through which a dark square body with a side of about 23 mm is visible. On the car, the tablet is set to bulge down.

On four machines with tablets, the following numbers were obtained (see table).

Unconditionally "swallowed" the mysterious pill "Volga" and "Oka" - a positive effect was manifested almost immediately. The foreign car, on the contrary, choked, but later on she also tasted the treats and was no longer capricious. The inventor explained the Škoda stubbornness with the features of a plastic gas tank, which takes time to decipher. The most rebellious was the "Zhigul", which increased the level of CO already three times! The inventor offered to be patient - we follow his advice.

The observed picture does not fit into the usual canons. Even if the effect on all machines turned out to be negative, then it would be worth talking about the tablet - because it seemed that it should not affect the operation of the engine at all.