Heading materials prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKY


The mid-engined car is not new to Toyota in itself. Among fans of an active driving style, the MR-2 coupe was popular. Having appeared in the early 80s, the car lasted on the conveyor until our days. However, at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota introduced the MR-S concept roadster, making it clear that it intends to soon release a completely new car - a continuation of the tradition.

And so it happened: in February 1999, the Chicago auto show was marked by the first public appearance of the Toyota MR-Spider mid-engined roadster, the release of which will be launched by the spring of next year. The place of debut was not chosen by chance - after all, it is in the USA that the Japanese hope to sell most of the MR spiders.

A new engine with variable valve timing was developed for the car, which, apparently, will take its place under the hood of the new generation Selika. The 140-horsepower is presented as the base engine, although in the future its 180-strong modification is also provided. Even with a base engine with a mass of a little less than a ton, the MR-Spider has good dynamics, but it is unlikely to be able to compete on an equal footing with the Porsche Boxster or Honda-S2000. It is more appropriate to compare the new product with the Mazda-Miata. However, Toyota’s asset is lower than Porsche’s price - its ceiling will be $ 25, 000. Accessibility is a key factor for this model, Toyota explained. However, this will in no way affect the quality and equipment of the new product.

Aluminum is widely used in the interior decoration - it can be seen on the dashboard, the gear lever and internal door handles are made of it. The latter brings back memories of the 30-year-old Toyota Sports 800, which surely inspired contemporary designers to work on the MR Spider.

Technical specifications

Engine - gasoline; the number of cylinders, valves and working volume - 4x16x1794 smz; net power - 103 kW / 140 l. with. at 6000 rpm; maximum torque - 172 N.m at 4000 rpm. Gearbox - automatic 5-speed or manual