Here is a paradox: in a country, crisis after crisis, and the car fleet is growing. Traffic lights can no longer cope! Traffic controllers reappeared at intersections.


If before the policemen replaced the traffic light, now they simply “stretch” the streets (or “merge” the stream from one, holding the transport to the others). How do they do it? Using the gestures described in clause 6.10 of the SDA. There are only three of them. In general, simple and understandable. There (in the SDA) it is said that the traffic controller can give “other signals that are understandable to drivers and pedestrians.” (They are silent about the verbal accompaniment of traffic signals.) And what “signals” do we see on the streets? What is hard to describe? But understandable.

I admit: there were doubts about the appropriateness of our experiment. Well, people are going about their business, in a hurry, and here at the intersection there is a traffic controller. Yes, not simple, but clearly performing the gestures from paragraph 6.10. By the way, about this item. Of course, there is no doubt that all traffic police officers know traffic rules. Only here are the Moscow crossroads, the consequences … After all, you need to figure out whether the people will understand … As they say, "in order to avoid" we invited one of the most experienced employees of the Moscow traffic police to play the mixed role of traffic lights and traffic signs. The captain of the sixth department (who, incidentally, oversees the most difficult track - the Garden Ring) Alexander Pominalny began a desperate experiment.

Slowly, he goes to the center of the intersection. Gentlemen, what is wrong with you: well, a man in uniform came out onto the road! Where does this tension come from? Here is the first result: the appearance of a traffic police officer in an “inopportune” place for us, drivers, an occasion to beware and wait for troubles. "What happened? Why is he here? What am I to blame? ” These questions were read on the faces of drivers and … even passengers! Further events developed rapidly. Whistle. First gesture: the right hand with the rod "vertically" up. This is familiar: "Everyone stand !!!". (The rules, by the way, do not oblige the inspector to hold the wand. But our striped stick like a scepter or power disciplines us very much. Therefore, we didn’t refuse it either.) Let’s pay tribute - everyone stopped at the screech of brakes, marking them across the roadway and even on the sidewalk. In general, where I found the “Freeze!” Gesture. Fine. Whistle. Now exercise number two: legs shoulder width apart, arms in different directions. Why are we standing? “From the side of the left and right side movement is allowed … straight and to the right …”. So why aren't we moving? On four sides of the intersection, decent cars have already accumulated, the situation threatens to get out of control. In the sense - fraught with traffic jam. It can be seen, having felt the culmination of indecision, the captain gives an understandable go-ahead to one direction, then to another, and leaves the fighting post. After a few seconds, the life of an unregulated intersection goes back to normal - with the nervous sounds of horn, clipping and suicidal runs of pedestrians. (The latter live their lives and ideas about traffic safety.)

We continue the experiment. Whistle, hand up. We stand. Another whistle. Right arm extended forward. We stand. Hold your breath. Over the crossroads hangs perplexed bewilderment. The inspector looks at the driver of the car nearest to the left side and speaks loudly in the warehouses: “Oh, yeah!”. This is a signal, I would say so right away! The left stream, growling motors, darted away from the insidious intersection. And from the side of the chest, no one thinks to turn right, although the flashers of the turn signals are already heated. The inspector again "directs" a look at the driver of the nearest car. He, feeling that he is holding the entire stream, scares straight ahead with a fright (with the right turn signal turned on). The whistle - the rod in a very understandable movement gives an order to the frightened driver to stop at the sidewalk. Meanwhile, a cluster of cars at a crossroads began to fuss frantically. “Hello, fellow driver. Why did you go straight? ”-“ So you looked ”-“ And if I closed my eyes? ”-“ Then you would not see me going straight ”-“ And where were you going to go? ”-“ To the right … ”-“ Why didn’t we go? ”-“ So you stood … ”-“ Do you remember the traffic controller’s gestures from traffic rules? ”-“ Of course … ”. A painfully focused expression … "From the side of the left side - in all directions, and from the side of the chest - only to the right" - "Thank you, bon voyage!"

We will not torment the reader with a description of a few more exits of the inspector to the center of the intersection and subsequent dialogs. We were prepared for the fact that the drivers "do not obey" the gestures of the traffic controller, and there is an excuse for this. But all (ten people) of the “violators” stopped by the inspector remembered what these gestures mean! .. The generally accepted swotting of the Rules, it turns out, gives excellent results! Drivers with an experience of one to thirty-five years kept the answer to the inspector, and they all remembered (albeit in general terms) paragraph 6.10 of the SDA. But … they were waiting for the go-ahead! Clear, fast and clear. It’s like the specifics of profanity.