Oka is increasingly found on the roads - it can't be cheaper!


So I was seduced by a ridiculous price. Morality of Pushkin's fairy tale over the years ago, weathered out of my head and … "chased the pop for cheapness."

The store met in orderly rows - "ok"? Take any. True, taking is not a simple matter. One car has a full water cabin, another has a jerking engine and does not accelerate, a third does not slow down … For a nominal amount, store servicemen replaced the broken headlight, installed mirrors, leashes and brushes - and the Oka found its owner, and I … got a headache for the next year.

I must say, the model was chosen quite consciously. One "Oka" (though the Togliatti assembly) has already traveled, so I have experience. And this experience says that this apparatus breaks down not much more often than other domestic ones. The resource of some units and systems is small - not scary, the mileage was supposed to be modest. The wife will go shopping, take the offspring to kindergarten or to her grandmother, without taking the busy person (author, that is) from work or fishing. Good intentions, alas, were not destined to come true.

The beautiful gesture "Honey, I bought you a car!" Failed. The gift twitched and stalled at each traffic light, the clutch “took” under the ceiling, the gear lever rested against the foot, the brake pedal fell to the floor, and the rear wheel wedged, the engine strove to overheat, something rattled and thumped under the car. Especially distinguished electrical equipment. The signal did not work, the cooling system fan howled like a wolf to the moon, and the lighting technician did not want to obey commands: instead of direction indicators, the "dimensions" blinked. Inside, it’s completely devastating: the seats hang out, the steering column creaks. The first rain brought down on the inhabitants of the cabin water flows through non-sealing seals …

I had to shake the old days, not without reason they say that no experience is superfluous. He touched the steering column, fixed the carpets on the floor, counted the wiring, counted, simultaneously finding out that all the "masses" were put on paint (hence the wonders of the world). Tightened the ball joint - ceased to rattle in front. Remounted the exhaust system - the “thump” from behind disappeared. The problem of leaks was solved very simply - the door frames bent, using brute force. Adjusted the clutch and gear shifters - the pedal and lever fell into place. He threw out the rusty (and therefore jammed) rear working cylinder - he stopped biting the wheel, but the drum turned out to be … oval. The car slows down jerkily. Adjusted the carburetor and ignition - the engine stopped twitching and stalling.

Such a “modest” after-sales training made the Oka a bit of a car. But the adventure did not end there. The gearbox flows through the connector. What do you want - to change the body parts or, having disassembled the unit, to grind the plane on the plate? From the cooling system, he leaked brown liquid with flakes, washed it, poured a new “Tosol” - the engine stopped warming. The driver's seat collapsed. No wonder, its frame can be bent by hands. The steering wheel did not want to independently return to its original position - the angles of the wheels, to put it mildly, did not meet the technical requirements. The rims rusted, the gas support of the tailgate jammed, the rear window washer broke … The other day, the nut of the bolt securing the suspension arm to the subframe was unscrewed. Fortunately, it did not come to the loss of the wheel. And the mileage is only 5, 000 km. It's sad …