Heading materials prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKY


The first Bonneville appeared in the lineup of the Pontiac department back in 1957. It was a spectacular convertible, the engine of which was equipped with an advanced fuel injection system at that time. In the late 80s, Pontiac launched a sedan under this name, which was assigned the role of the flagship of the company. Like other cars of this brand, which is part of the General Motors concern, Bonneville showed a pronounced sporting character, so they willingly bought a car. By the 1992 model year, a new, modified version of the car was ready, on which, for the first time in history, General Motors installed an airbag not only for the driver, but also for the front passenger. It was the car of the 1992 model year with minimal changes that was produced until recently. However, by the end of the 90s, the need for another modernization became obvious.

The Bonneville 2000 model year borrowed the platform of the debuting Buick-Le Sabre, which made it grow in size compared to the old model. There are three main modifications - the most affordable SE and SLE are easy to distinguish by a not-so-challenging appearance. In addition, they install only a naturally aspirated engine with a working volume of 3.8 liters and a capacity of 208 liters. with. According to the firm’s strategists, more than 70% of buyers will pay attention to these versions, priced from 24 thousand dollars. For dessert, as always, they serve the most delicious - catchy Bonneville SSEi, for which you will have to pay at least 10 thousand dollars. Although the same 3.8-liter veteran engine is installed on it as on other versions, the Bonneville SSEi can also be equipped with turbocharging - with it, the capacity will increase by 32 liters. with.; in addition, in accordance with the laws of the “sports” genre, Bonneville SSEi is equipped with a customized exhaust system and disc brakes on all wheels.

According to the company, Bonneville in the United States may well compete with the top five BMW or Audi A6, and Chrysler 300M and Ford Torus will be among the main rivals.

Technical specifications

Engine - gasoline; the number of cylinders, valves and displacement - 6x12x3791 smz; net power - 153 kW / 208 l. with. at 5200 rpm; maximum torque - 312 N.m at 4000 rpm. Transmission - automatic 4-speed. Body - 5-seater