Instead of ensuring traffic safety at the intersection where the traffic light does not work (and there are quite a lot of them in such weather - a storm warning), they are engaged in catching citizens crossing the street at the godforsaken traffic light.

The weather is terrible. Heavy rain. Rivers of water flow along the roads. I'm with an umbrella in one hand and a heavy bag in the other, I cross the street. He looked at the traffic light - green. You can go now. While I was choosing where to step (the water was around), the yellow light probably came on, and then the red traffic light (but I didn’t see it!). There are no cars. I pass. Stop it. Begin to write out a fine. I say: “I switched to green.” In response: “No, you went to red. There are three of us sitting in the car. We are not blind. ”And that's all. You can’t prove anything. Wrote an explanation. But I’m not going to go to court because of 50 (and even for 500 - more time costs), I’m not going to. Traffic police simply spoiled the mood for the evening. What attitude to the traffic police should be after this?