… At the bus station, a white and blue centaur was waiting for us - a half-ZIL, a half-Mercedes, born at the Golitsyn Bus Plant. Not handsome, perhaps … however, no one requires outstanding external data from him. It would be reliable, inexpensive, convenient. How will passengers like it? We take up seats in the cabin and go to the usual suburban route.

This is what we heard on the new bus.

- Petrovich, help me! Oh pa! Get yourself now … High? And grab the handrail! Here we sit, I'm at the window, you're on the edge. Son, doesn’t blow out of the window in your bus? Well, look … Let's go. It’s blowing like heat on the bottom! Let’s put the bag from the aisle to my legs, there’s enough room. And then the next many people will enter.

- Commander, will I get to Nekhlyudov? I already thought it was a dump truck - his face was familiar, spilled with ZIL! And on the side, it turns out to be a bus! You say Golitsynsky … but doesn’t look like a Mercedes. Hey, but under the hood, an hour, not "two hundred and thirty-six"? That's the sound of Mazovian. Our men know these motors up and down. If anything, stop by, we’ll send you an engine, you will fly! Is it a hundred? Oh well. Box - from ZIL? And Yaroslavl’s possible, five-step? It turns out, the Moscow chassis, but only the GolAZ body? Do not be offended, this is me, in a simple way … The main thing is that our design is local! Seriously, did the shock absorbers and stabilizer fit behind? And I think that he slightly heels … Oh, I almost drove! Commander, hold the door, I'll go. Well, come on! - Uncle, will you get to school? Can I stand behind you? A button to press? And why two doors … one, two, three … four buttons? Well, look. Caution, aunt there! It’s clear that there are so many buttons - so that the aunts do not pinch, right? What about uncle? Image