Those who traveled know this fatal stretch from the Moscow Ring Road to the turn to Zhulebino. Cars there always creep at the speed of a pedestrian, periodically stopping frantically and again accelerating to 20 kilometers. But sometimes the stream suddenly freezes - this is when another pair of goats gets hit by bumper horns. Why so rude? But because the cause of all these "accidents" is human stupidity. You’ll notice some rushing interval of 5 meters to the right or left and - go there. If the nerves of the pruned man are not yet stiff from Moscow driving, he will hit the brakes reflexively. At this speed, they even hold dead at the killed shah. And the one who used to be behind, with a light slap into the bumper expresses his surprise with an unexpected maneuver. As a result, the haste leaves, and this couple remains to wait for the traffic cops, collecting the curses of everyone else on their heads.

Yes, so. Yesterday, near the damn intersection, the stream froze. And for sure: in the far left lane in the middle of the strip, the Land Cruiser froze sadly blinking. Nearby are several excited, very cool-looking men who are animatedly discussing events … So I thought and got ready to taxi to the right. Here I see - but in front of the "Kruzak" there is nobody! But on the contrary, in the oncoming one, there is a “Gelendvagen”. It turns out that these are guys who have not seen each other for a long time, were so happy about the meeting that they decided to have a chat right on the spot. For about 10 minutes they gathered a huge tail behind them, then hugged, jumped into their cars and continued on their way. Well, what can I say? SDA rest. And nothing to do with them - well, they did not teach the guys from childhood to respect others, only themselves. But, if I had exchanged places with them, I probably would have received at least a baseball bat in the horns …

But … the goats are not only them. To an even greater extent, these are the developers of the entire area. Well, was it really not clear from the very beginning that those fellow citizens for whom their own car is no longer a question will buy apartments here. And that means that the flow of cars (and the metro is not there!) Will grow with every rented house. So - we need a two-level denouement. Money? And what would not the authorities require deductions for its construction in a couple of hundred green from each apartment being commissioned? By the way, this money would be returned, because the cost per square meter is also determined by the convenience of the entrance! A supermarket Marktkauf? From him, too, it was possible (necessary !!!) to take a pretty penny, because there were a breakthrough of cars there, not to mention free buses.