They smashed the right rear window, threw back the seatback and through the opening formed with their dirty hands entered the trunk. Apparently it was dark and little time, so they took only a backpack with sportswear and some other nonsense from the trunk. And there was nothing more there.

Such incidents have probably happened with everyone, and this is not the first time for me, but the body has not yet developed a specific algorithm - how to relate to it. First, the anger overwhelms everyone around, then the realization that it will take two or three days to get certificates for insurance, then despair, since there is no business at work and no free time …

Call to insurance. It turned out that in my case no certificates were needed and in a week, when the glass was brought in, it would be possible to repair it. But before the call, I already managed to go to the district police officer, who briefly explained the situation to me, as he sees it: “What can you do, someone buys cars, and someone breaks windows in them, but you have something because the car is insured … So - relax. If you need help, then go to the department, then to the insurance, then to me, and then again to the insurance. But only when you will come to me - do not forget to bring a bottle of cognac! ”