The column materials were prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKIY, Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


For many years, the German auto giants remained indifferent to the battles taking place in the all-terrain vehicle market. Unless Mercedes-Benz declared itself in this class of cars, offering a very expensive and conservative Gelendavagen. A few years ago, the situation began to change - one after the other, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche announced the intention to master the production of off-road vehicles in the foreseeable future … And the same Mercedes-Benz, pushing its M-class all-terrain vehicle, started this across the ocean. He has been off the assembly line of a plant in the US state of Alabama for several years.

Today, when the M-class is readily bought in Europe and, especially, overseas, the Stuttgart company decided to add a new version of the car to the model range, which had come from the "pen" of Mercedes tuning company specialists - AMG. True, the “Mercedes-ML 55” (such a novelty has received such an index) can be called an all-terrain vehicle only with a stretch - its element is primarily a high-speed autobahn.

To begin with, AMG engineers did the same trick as with many other "Mercedes" - installed an eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 5.4 liters instead of the standard 4.5-liter. Before the M-class, a similar fate befell S-sedans and E-classes, as well as the CLK coupe. There was a place under the hood and the latest steering, borrowed from the S-class. In addition, we corrected the appearance of the car. The increased appetite of the all-terrain vehicle required the installation of a new fuel tank - its volume is 23 liters more than the factory one and is 93 liters. Two additional sub-stampings appeared on the hood, like the SLK roadster, the wheel arches became wider, and bumpers of a different shape were painted in body color. In the cabin of an already well-equipped car, such attributes of a “beautiful life” appeared as a satellite navigation system and a steering wheel trimmed with wood and leather. Next year, Mercedes plans to sell a total of 110 thousand M-class all-terrain vehicles, of which about 5 thousand will fall on the ML 55.

Technical specifications