“Russian conditions” are not only bad roads, poor service,

but also severe frosts when so hard

start the diesel engine.

Denis BOROVITSKY. Author photo

Chronic shortage and low quality of “winter” and “Arctic” diesel fuel, the absence of heated parking lots entail losses that can sometimes bleed up a medium or completely strangle a small business. Meanwhile, you can improve the situation without building warm garages. Liquid prestarting heaters are capable of not only warming up the engine before starting, but also “warming up” the cabin, passenger compartment or trailer when the engine is not running. The latter is especially important for carriers operating on international routes - in some countries of the European Union parking with a running engine is generally prohibited. In addition, having equipped the car with a heater, in some cases you can not change ordinary oil to expensive “winter” oil. Saving!

On the Russian market of prestarting heaters, the units of the Rzhevsky ELTRA plant occupy a prominent place - here, heaters are manufactured under license from Webasto. The Russian version is devoid of "bells and whistles" such as "telestart" or start from a pager, but is equipped with completely reliable fuel equipment with a heated nozzle. It is made by YAZTA (Yaroslavl) under the license of the Swiss company Feterli. A special system will turn off the heater when the voltage at the battery terminals drops to 18 V, which is especially true when using old, "exhausted" batteries. We note that it is two to three times cheaper (9, 700–11, 000 rubles) of famous relatives. By the way, when repairing the original Webasto heater, manufactured before 1990, you can use Russian-made spare parts - they will fit. Well, if repair is not possible, look for a replacement in the ELTRA catalogs.

Rzhev units are interchangeable with the original ones and can be installed on almost all imported cars and buses with diesel engines. For example, in the event of a heater failure of the model DVB-2020 (such as the Icarus supplied to Russia), domestic 14.8106 may take its place (photo 1). Please note: everything necessary for self-assembly and commissioning, including instructions, is included.

For those who do not allow funds, who cannot pay a large sum for a liquid heater, ELTRA offers an intake air heating system (photo 2), designed for use in large, medium and small volume diesels. "Start-up" is an electric torch plug installed in the intake manifold, an electromagnetic fuel valve connected in series with it, as well as a relay and a switch. Electric current glows the candle spiral, the fuel supplied to it ignites. The system proved to be good on KamAZ, YaMZ, ZIL diesels. The price of the kit is about 250 rubles. It does not seem burdensome even to a private trader. True, we must not forget that the electroflash system heats only the air entering the cylinder, and not the entire engine, therefore refueling with high-quality winter oil, better synthetic, is more than desirable.