When Panikovsky lived in Kiev, his affairs went very well. The income item was provided by blue glasses and a wand.

Modern crooks climb into our pockets in more sophisticated ways. Panikovsky wore his glasses himself - we are invited to purchase them … for the car! This is exactly what manufacturers do of what is shown in the photo. Before us are blue “glasses” for halogen lamps …

English-language labels on the packaging are full of mistakes, but you can figure it out. First, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates have something to do with the product. Secondly, for just over six dollars, the ordinary headlights of your car will acquire a “blue” orientation. And if the sight of the “blind” Panikovsky was to cause pity, then such “xenon” lights will be able to emphasize the “steepness” of the car owner, who is used to using sophisticated technology.

In general, the idea is not new - a quarter of a century ago, color transparent films were sold in stores for gluing on the screens of black and white TVs: blue on top, red in the middle, green below … You could still watch the harvest, but with the program "Time" was not good. And what happens when painting a car lamp?

Nothing good. Even branded halogen lamps that receive blue light from birth for the sake of fashion shine worse than ordinary ones - the magazine has already written about this (ZR, 1999, No. 4, p. 16). And how will the poor thing, heated up to 300 ° C, feel, shoved at someone’s whim in a cramped, stupid cap, depriving her of elementary heat transfer? Does anyone seriously think that he will get a powerful small-sized “xenon”? Most likely the opposite will happen - neither xenon, nor halogen …