- Excuse me, the parking brake cables on “Samara” whose production?

- And which ones do you need?


The honest eyes of the seller radiate a willingness to immediately offer me exactly what I am looking for. If I want the Uryupin’s - they’ll be the Uryupin’s, if I stumble about the Kozlodoy’s - they will find such. The choice is rich: some are black, others are smooth, and others are with slots on the tips. And the documents - like the cat Matroskin: mustache, paws and tail.

“Well-off bourgeoisie” chuckles - German ATE and English Quinton Hazell are sold in their original packaging, and, if necessary, can present an autograph on the cable sheath. Ours have none of this, but they are five times cheaper - a convincing argument in favor of "Ivanes who do not remember kinship."

Well, we will experience both. The company was made up of five compatriots by foreigners - the “magnificent seven” are sent for examination to the NAMI brake system laboratory. “Ours” will face the identification, and all together - measuring the length and checking the quality of termination tips.

The appearance of the cable for "Samara" is shown in the figure.

The cable is “dressed” in a multilayer sheath, which is attached to the rear brake shield and enters the front underbody bracket bracket socket. At the same time, it additionally rests on two brackets of the rear suspension arm and on the body brackets. This "multi-point" solution provides free movement of the cable and protects it from damage. A spring installed in the rear of the product during brake release returns the cable to its original state.

If the technical part of the tests was worked out for a long time and did not cause any special difficulties, then the identification of the pedigree was very difficult. Formally, it was possible to immediately declare all nameless cables defective, but … We live in Russia and are well aware that import is far from affordable for all “Samara residents”. Therefore, each "homeless" was examined almost with a magnifying glass in his hands in the hope of finding a "birthmark" of the manufacturer. As a result, an accident helped - in one of the cables, experts recognized a native of OSPAZ LLC from Orel, since the batch of such products had just passed their laboratory tests. The rest could not be identified.

Further events showed that "everything is for the better." Indeed, what could be simpler than measuring the length of the cable? It is necessary to pull it and apply a ruler - it should turn out 1623 ± 3 mm … One caveat - according to the standard, the tensile force should be 320 kgf. We remind you that three cables of each type participate in the examination. Get started!

Team number 1 is invited. Fuck! The first cable jumps out of the tips with an effort of only 228 kgf … We put the second - the same story at 251 kgf, we try the third - the same result. We call team number 2 - no, we can’t measure the length today … 205 kgf is not even a marriage, but a mockery … Or, maybe, it will do so? No, still this is a product that is part of the most important car system …

We make the final decision - the “homeless” are disqualified. You can’t buy this stuff, no matter how empty it is in your wallet. Of the seven teams, three remain - only OSPAZ LLC can now stand up for a scolded Fatherland.

With timid hope, we insert the first “Oryol” cable into the device that took the lives of their colleagues. We apply 320 kgf - the weight is taken! Finally, you can measure the length - it turns 1617 mm. Check the second "eagle" - 1616 mm. The third was frankly pleased - its 1, 620 mm fit into the requirements of the drawing, although with difficulty. Total - one of three: not bad … However, deviations of 3-4 mm from our person will not scare us - we are used to lengthen, attach and fit.

Check "foreigners" did not bring sensation. The "Germans" together demonstrated 1622 mm, the "English" allowed themselves a spread from 1622 to 1623 mm. It remains to check the pulling force of the cables from the tips - at 400 kgf they should remain in place. "Firmachi" worked quietly - experts even recommended at the next maintenance service to install any of them on the car instead of the standard one. "Eagles" also did not disappoint, however, such a recommendation was not awarded.