Our factories were fascinated by all-wheel drive minivans. First, VAZ developed the Nadezhda based on the Niva. Now the Ulyanovsk presented UAZ-3165 "Simba" - the heir to the "loaf".

Anatoly FOMIN.

Photo by Vladimir Knyazev

So the cars of the UAZ-2206 and UAZ-3303 families have come to go on a well-deserved rest. In essence, these are the modernized UAZ-452 and UAZ-452D model year 1966. And when you consider that the rear-wheel drive version, the UAZ-451, has been running a pedigree since 1961, it will become all the more obvious: a car, whatever it is, cannot be replicated for 40 years, doing just “cosmetic alterations”.

The new plant development - UAZ-3165 is finally fundamentally different from its predecessor. The current requirements for passive safety dictated the abandonment of the carriage layout in favor of a semi-hood. And that says a lot. To maintain the capacity of the car, it was required to significantly (by 700 mm) increase its base. The layout of the driver’s workplace is now similar to that used on the UAZ 3160, but the seat is offset 200 mm forward.

The increased width of the car (during its development no longer focused on the old gauge of 1445 mm) made it possible not only to “push” the driver forward, but also to place promising V-shaped motors. At the present stage, the UAZ-3165 design uses the ZMZ-409 engine, a five-speed gearbox and the same transfer case as on the UAZ 3160. Note that the gauge of bridges - 1675 mm - is only slightly less than that of the Nizhny Novgorod Sable.

In order to provide a car with a three-meter base with acceptable maneuverability, open hinges of equal angular speeds are used in the front axle, which increase the angle of rotation of the wheels. Thanks to this, the turning radius is 6.1 m. The vehicle's carrying capacity is 850 kg or nine people, together with the driver, which makes it possible to classify it as a mini-van type passenger car. A variant of the car with a cargo platform - UAZ-2365 will be unified with it in the chassis and cab. But the work will not end there.