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As you know, state registration plates (colloquially - numbers) consist of numbers and letters. If a combination of numbers determines whether the “lucky” got a piece of hardware or not, the letters will tell you who the owner of the car is: “own” or “stranger”.


You must admit that in our times an equal sign is quite appropriate between "your" and "happy". Perhaps this is what prompts police chiefs to "differentiate" a series of numbers, and registration officers to be more attentive to visitors. Although … The division of transport into "state" and "private traders" has existed for a long time. Remember the old numbers? Series MMZH, MOS, MKM … However, the transition to new numbers with area codes and a flag allowed to significantly expand the circle of privileged persons. Moreover, the authorities themselves gave rise to fantasies, having initially legalized “untouchable” numbers by a government decree: with a large flag instead of a region code. Thus, the “flag” signs have become nationwide and require respect for the owner throughout the country. By the way, in addition to the “Duma” (AM), “prosecutorial” (AK), not to mention the “presidential” (AA) and “government” (AB) with a limited number of numbers, a lot of “reserve” (RR) are deprived of the latter lack of. Clearly, only the lazy will not follow the guiding example. Why is this needed? Here are a few options.

The first after the “flags” are “full olga”, numbers like o123oo. This is the top of the steepness of the owner. Road immunity is comparable to parliamentary immunity: not a single inspector will raise his hand on such a car. He knows that these "oligas" are distributed in the highest echelons of police power, they have been taken into account until a single one, and if any of the businessmen paid money for the number, then they are enough to buy an inspector with all his giblets and an official car. A step below the "double olig" - a321oo. Obviously, these numbers are at the disposal of the middle management, which has only the ability to "encourage" close comrades. On the "flags" and "olgs" the power is exhausting itself. The following are local initiatives of regional importance. What is interesting: regional and city officials, following the metropolitan bureaucracy, gravitate toward the first letters of the alphabet. For example, a123aa, b123aa. Although among them there are adherents of commercial-criminal "olgs". Exceptions are rare. In Tataria they divided it this way: the numbers of private traders (a123aa, e123aa) begin on “a”, “e” and “k”, and cars belonging to legal entities (v123aa) start on “b”. Tatarstan has always had its own opinion regarding safety and other traffic problems.

Some regions divide the numbers remaining after the distribution of “prosperity”: one REO registers individuals, and the other - legal entities. In Tula, for example, private owners are not given a series of v123am, k123aa and a123ea - they are only for organizations and enterprises. Of the "administrative" series, only Volgograd - a123au was distinguished by originality. But the police structures throughout the country are similar. Who do you think belongs to the numbers with the last letters (and the corresponding code) "mr", "mm", "km", "nn", "nm"? Of course, the first two are of the Moscow police, the third is of Kazan, the last two are of Nizhny Novgorod. Of course, their cars can be distinguished by the characteristic color and sound and lighting fixtures on the roofs, but not all.

Do you think we have some rooms divided by class? In neighboring Estonia, using three letters, they manage to convey the full name of institutions and organizations in the form of an abbreviation. For example, ESS is the Coca-Cola representative, TLP is the traffic police, EVK is the local riot police, EPV is the border guards, and VVV is an elite traffic police unit similar to our BON (Special Purpose Battalion). By the way, numbers such as 555 SSS, 111 III - are considered the difference between the "new Russians", and VARTAN - also with a criminal touch. In Estonia, for about $ 200, you can officially order and use a number with your "favorite" six letters or numbers.