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A touching sight: the baby, standing on the seat on his knees, with curiosity surveys the surroundings. “What a little shitty!” - they lisp in the neighboring cars. Meanwhile, there is nothing to be touched - the baby’s life is in danger. The traffic police informs: 15% of young passengers involved in an accident die, and 35% receive injuries of varying severity. And most often fatal injuries (about 45%) of children under seven years of age! And after all, we, mothers, often without suspecting ourselves, increase the risk to which the child is exposed in the car.

In Europe, for example, the first requirements for the transportation of children appeared in 1958, and a car seat for babies was constructed in Sweden in 1963. Now special child car seats in developed countries are strictly required.

Car seats are produced for both infants and children up to 10 years old (then they can be considered quite adults). For newborns, they are set with their backs to the road and fixed with three-position seat belts. Some of these car seats are multifunctional - they are also mounted on the chassis of strollers.

Devices for transporting babies up to one and a half years old fully correspond to the anatomical features of the child, and they can also be installed with their backs to the road. But remember: in no case in the front seat of a car with an airbag!

The most common car seat for children from a year to four types of “bucket” is installed facing the road in the back seat. A child is supported, usually with five seat belts.

Older children - from three to seven - ride in chairs, consisting of a support seat and a detachable back. You can fasten small passengers with car seat belts (do not tighten the child’s neck and thigh!).

Before buying a seat, try installing it in a car. The baby should be comfortable in it. By the way, remember that a wrongly set, not fastened seat will not ensure the safety of the child. After an accident, it is better to change the child seat - there may be hidden defects in it (therefore, it is not recommended to buy used car seats).

And new ones are not cheap - from 35 to 250 dollars, depending on the design and manufacturer.

Therefore, of course, not every mom-motorist can afford to protect her child. Although, on the other hand, it makes sense to order a car seat as a gift to a newborn (more useful than any walkers and playpens that friends often give to fold). But if you still do not have a car seat for your child and are not expected to, strictly observe the rules for transporting children.