A new factory has been built in the native land.


A year ago, we talked about a new project in Syzran (see ZR, 1998, No. 12). Then the assembly of the “sixes” began at the RosLada plant. The start was a modest one: two lifts, first-class bodies, ten pickers, five cars a day … And just recently, director Mikhail Blokhin invited journalists to visit.

We entered a spacious, warm and bright workshop. In place of the previous lifts - a conveyor designed to produce 45 thousand cars a year! Now from VAZ “naked” bodies come here - there is a real assembly. Not 10, but 800 people are already working. Plus, every week from the local college "RosLada" takes on vacancies another 10-20 mechanics.

“Wow!”, “How did you manage?” - the journalists did not hide their surprise. “The crisis helped: in September 1998 we made 170 cars, in October - 240, in November - already 1, 000 … Demand was crazy. Earned money - all invested in equipment. In two or three years we’ll open another painting and welding workshop, ”the director explained.

It is known that the crisis literally drowned all the assembly projects of foreign cars. In Rostov-on-Don (“Daewoo”), in Kaliningrad (KIA), in Nizhny Novgorod (FIAT) - there are only problems everywhere. And the Syzran plant at the same time grew by leaps and bounds. “Because we make (and always will do!) A cheap, affordable car, ” said Blokhin.

Not only do the Syzran plant make inexpensive cars, but the enterprise itself is extremely cheap. The plant was built (and continues to be built) for very little money with the maximum use of domestic technology. We walked through the hulls, and Blokhin said: “At first, we wanted to buy many components of the conveyor abroad. But, as they say, they counted - they burst into tears. We decided to strain ourselves, using the AvtoVAZ development department. Here, for example, the transport system for the conveyor is completely domestic, the exhaust system for exhaust gases, the installation for pumping the brake system, and much more, too. Equipment cost 10-20 times cheaper than import! ”

In addition, we tried - made the conveyor universal. It consists of two parts and any of them (floor or suspended) can be quickly changed to build a new car, whether it be a Niva, Ten or Eight. By the way, in November 1999, the first “nine” was assembled at the plant. Indeed, the promising task of RosLada is to produce about 40 thousand “sixes” and 20 thousand “nines” per year. Thus, gradually transferring the production of “nines” and “sixes” to Syzran, VAZ intends to free up space on the main conveyor in Togliatti for assembling new models.

The RosLada project is being created on the basis of a new management approach. There are only three structures at the plant: technical support department, development department and security service. “The heads of departments should not be specific princes, their functions should not overlap. I can not stand it when one signs and the other does not fulfill … ”- said Blokhin. The piece-bonus payment for all RosLada employees does not depend on the number of days and hours worked, but on the total number of cars assembled by the plant. The output is growing - this immediately affects the salary.

And quality - how are they being watched? The director explained that for each operation the foreman of each post signs on the “control card” - and in case of marriage, the pickers answer in rubles (or even a place!). If the collector has found, for example, a defective batch of parts, he has the right to require the master to stop the conveyor. Almost Japanese. Add to this that the average salary at RosLada is one of the highest in the city, and a job is seriously valued here. Therefore, there is hope to make the phrase "Syzran assembly" a compliment.

Blokhin promised that the “Rosladovskie” “six” will differ not only in build quality, but also in equipment: completely new bumper, seats, and in the future - injection. So far, things have not reached the innovations, but they are not far off. ZR wishes RosLada success and hopes to soon experience the updated Six - with a body fully welded and painted in Syzran.