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The column materials were prepared by Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


In the German city of Neckarsulm, a ceremonial launch of the production of the "aluminum" Audi A2 model took place.

Over 150 million dollars were invested in the project, more than 1, 500 jobs were created. About 60 thousand A2 will go off the assembly lines annually.

The pomp of the ceremony, in general, is justified - much has been done in this machine for the first time in the world: the first large-scale aluminum body, the first experience in manufacturing the entire sidewall as a single part, the first robotic complex for laser welding of aluminum parts … But the organizers of the holiday seemed to have these reasons few - at the same time they decided to hold a presentation of the world's first five-door "three-liter" car based on the same A2. To reduce fuel consumption, the experience gained at Lupo was used. A 1.2-liter diesel engine rated at 45 kW / 61 l was installed under the hood. with. and an automatic transmission. In economy mode, like Lupo, the “start-stop” algorithm is implemented. The mass of the car is reduced by another 135 kg and is 825 kg. For this, the entire running gear is made of aluminum alloys, the seats are lightened and a thinner sheet for panels is applied. Improved aerodynamic qualities (Cx = 0.25 - for the first time on a production car!), Special tires installed. The "three-liter" car accelerates to hundreds in 14.5 s and reaches a maximum speed of 168 km / h.