Fleet ZR


Soon a year, as two far from new “fives” appeared in the operation department (ЗР, 1999, No. 6). Patched by "Koschey" and "Gorynych" faithfully serve us - and not only on business trips. During the holidays, two crews were given the task to combine business with pleasure: to test the "monsters" in a serious run …

Eduard KONOP, Andrey SIDOROV, Vyacheslav SUBBOTIN

Doubts where, on what and why to go, did not suffer - to the Black Sea. It is on the proven, studied along and across the "fives." Indeed, are there many defects that would force an experienced driver to drop the Lada on the sidelines?

But they say: old age is not joy. If the "Gorynych" before the start, planned for an early Sunday morning, behaved exemplary, then the "Koschey" unexpectedly capricious. When his “first pilot”, starting the engine, made progazovki, there was a “characteristic click”, as the techies say … and it became impossible to squeeze the clutch.

Is there any need to explain what happened? Unless the most ignorant. The weak point of the “Zhiguli” clutch is three leaf springs: they connect the thrust flange of the release bearing to the “basket” and prevent the flange from turning. These springs sometimes break, and then, at higher speeds, the flange, warping, does not allow the spring to “push through” and turn off the clutch. Sometimes in such cases the pedal goes forward, but its clutch is not enough to turn off the clutch. Unfortunately, the business of the Lada owners is well-known …

This diagnosis was confirmed later when the clutch was disassembled. But we are almost on the road, everything is connected, packed, and the car needs to be repaired! Here, even knowing that with the skillful approach of affairs for an hour and a half, you will inevitably lose heart. Wear a robe again?

… Subbotin looks at Sidorov. Sidorov on Subbotin. Their speech is figurative and convincing.

You obviously understand us … And it’s unlikely that you will condemn us for your cowardly decision - not to start the vacation “On Your Own” at our technical center far from the start, but to hire a local locksmith. Fortunately, there are more workshops in the district than bakeries.

And then a sociological discovery awaited us. We stuck in one service station, another, the third - everywhere pood locks. It turns out that fellow countrymen on Sunday do not want to work for any fees! And only where the temperamental representative of the Armenian diaspora commanded, we were met with open arms: now, they say, we will do everything!

Indeed, soon we already observed the familiar picture: some bolts were turned off, others, the driveshaft was shifted, the box was pulled off - and here it is, a damaged clutch. Yes, it is - one of the springs broke off … the "Basket", and with it everything else is time to change. In a word - a kit. Well, for 80 thousand km, of which the majority has been covered by others, this is tolerable. Although the “classic” and 100 thousand - not the limit, but only a neat owner.

Then the master indicated that the rear crankshaft oil seal, judging by the traces of oil under the flywheel, needs to be replaced. “Coming!” We said. And, seeing such participation, we also remembered the wheel bearing of the right front wheel: we did not like it for a long time … Why not at the same time figure it out?

… After a few hours we were rushing on vacation, discussing the first (and not very pleasant) adventure. In addition to paying for the details, they gave more than 1000 rubles for the work itself - not so little! But, really, the business of that money was worth it. The master worked very skillfully - you will not find fault. Even the third starter bolt, which some people think is superfluous, was in place. And we won almost half a day and at least for the first time we kept our hands clean!

Further travel - on the most banal of automobile routes. Until recently, driving to the sea was considered a duty by every first-year-old auto-tourist. But we did not have to be bored for a long time without adventure. There was a spare "racer" in the team - an amateur of extremely small distances. Once behind the wheel of the Koshchei, he is said to have sat on the bumper of the Gorynych, and he was only smiling at all the demands of the satellites. But when the “leader” unexpectedly wagged around the pit, Koschey attacked her along the shortest path. A minute later, everyone examined the dying tire on a square wheel - here our hero, after listening to fair criticism, became serious: the features of a real thinker appeared.

Immediately checked - is the suspension damaged? Managed. But at the first opportunity they decided to adjust the wheel alignment again. Surprise again: it turned out to be impossible to find masters capable of intelligently (and soberly) performing this intelligent work. We are not caught! Then, taking out several meters of fishing line from the glove compartment, they “corrected” the angles using old-fashioned methods - and how! After that, “Koschey” drove away, just like “from novia” he did not know how, then he never creaked tires on any of the steep mountain turns!

Passed Rostov-papa, and there and at hand, to the sea - keep straight, and left behind a palm tree!

Staying on the Cote d'Azur is not the subject of our story; let us return to observations of experimental vehicles. Having survived the breakdowns already known to you (which are unlikely to surprise an experienced owner), they have shown themselves to be quite suitable for large-scale events. And again, an experienced caravan grins: “They discovered America!”

Here is the first curious observation. On Russian roads, not much resembling the autobahns (an abundance of long climbs, unexpected turns and all sorts of other hindrances to a fast-driving enthusiast), a four-speed Zhiguli gearbox (namely our Five are equipped with) is more than enough. But fashion dictates: buy a "five-step" - you will be much cooler in the eyes of a neighbor!

Well, why? On the Zhiguli fifth gear - “economic”, the motor is overloaded compared with the fourth by about 20%. Try to go on it a little up and meet the wind - the fourth and asks! And there are not so many roads downhill - is there a big saving in gasoline?

Some give such a serious argument: in the fourth gear, the motor roars heavily. But how did they go before the era of the “five steps”? It turns out that this is a matter of habit. Moreover, the “short” programs of the Zhiguli on our roads make the ride more stable, allowing you to move on the fourth where Samara is already asking for a third.

And finally, experts say that the "resource" of the engine due to fifth gear increases. But firstly, how much do you ride on it? (See above!) And, secondly, the resource is a delicate matter. Not only depends on the speed, but also on the loads on the parts, on the operation of the lubrication systems, cooling … In other words, the advantages of the "five steps" are not so certain.

The traditional question: what was the gas mileage? Of course, more than, for example, the VAZ 2110. On average, "fairy-tale characters" spent 7.5-8 l / 100 km. But do not forget about their ugly, by today's standards, aerodynamics, moreover, with a roof rack, and there is so much stuff on it! And this - at a fairly high pace of movement - speed under 100. Those who are not satisfied with eight liters will probably buy the "top ten". By the way, what about the price difference? Will it pay off by saving on gas - and when? Moreover, not every "ten" can be run by "ninety-second" …

The most serious plus of the Lada - the location of the spare tire in the trunk on the side - will be appreciated by the one who had to change the punctured on the Samara. Especially fully loaded. And (preferably) in the pouring rain. Honestly, it is difficult to find a more reasonable technical solution than the "Lada".

True, it did not save from burglary, which had already happened in the south. To the sound of the surf, the villains broke locks - rude and merciless. They stole a spare wheel, a couple of gas cans and some small things. After that, we “finalized” the door locks, disconnecting their traction, and now they only open with an electric drive. (True, this should not be forgotten if you remove the battery for recharging. It is not so easy to open a "locked" lock and a special "thieves" ruler.)

The road home went smoothly, not counting the inevitable damage from the stones, with which the route has traditionally abounded. The Koshchei windshield immediately cracked before our eyes, the Gorynych escaped with small nicks. A few days later, already in Moscow, for 300 rubles. bought glass and instantly replaced (finding the cord you need for this is not a problem).

Imagine in this situation the owner of a “cool” foreign car or even “tens” with its glued glass. However, today there are "Muscovites" with this gift to the owner! No, we are not against advanced technologies in car manufacturing. What about the roads?

So, our trip once again confirmed the long-known. Sometimes (and this has happened more than once in history!), An old, well-studied, finished factory, one that was recognized by millions of motorists, shows itself to be a very good machine. Of course, the Lada is not the legendary Volkswagen Beetle, but they decorated the history of our automobile industry in their own way. Let VAZ 2105 - yesterday, but they will ride on it for a long time!