On November 17, at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road and Ryazansky Prospekt, my 1998 "Quartet" was stopped to check the content of CO. I stated that it was illegal, that they did not have the right to stop me, not to mention checking the technical condition of the car that passed the state inspection. I will not remember the time spent, nerves. One of the "ecologists" immediately put everything in its place: "I tell you - the excess, and that's it" (did he smell it?). In the end, I paid a fine of 40 rubles “for exceeding CO” (in fact, as the inspection at the service station showed, where I turned to, everything was normal - 1.37), but the master tore off a fifty dollars from me by adjusting the carburetor so that the car stalls at every intersection. But CO - 0%! How do you look at all this? D. MISHIN.

I know that on this occasion would say the employees of our department of automotive life, dealing with the legal topic. Like, there was no need to stop, there was no need to give a certificate. Or, if that happened, you should defend your rights. They say it right, no one argues with that.

But, to be honest, I myself stop when a person in uniform requires it, and I allow the documents to be taken away, and I give back the money, sometimes realizing that they are being taken illegally. And the point is not that the reader Mishin, or myself, or any of the other thousands of motorists who fall into such stories every day, do not have the courage to resist arbitrariness. The reason is different. Have you ever wondered why someone is patiently standing in line in front of a traffic light, and someone is boorishly going around everyone in the oncoming traffic? Why do some drivers pause before crossing to let pedestrians pass, while others, on the contrary, speed up so that “no one gets on”?

The answer to these questions on the surface: there are law-abiding citizens living according to established rules - morality, legislation, faith, and finally, there are those who do not give a damn about everyone except himself. But it is the first ones - a reliable support of any state, the pivot of the existence of any community. They comply with accepted standards, thanks to them, order, moral guidelines, life itself are preserved. Our state is increasingly destroying human faith in the law. People in uniform sometimes turn out to be real bandits, the authorities themselves violate everything that you can imagine. And if the country is not plunged into chaos, it is largely thanks to those who still have the foundations that do not allow them to commit a crime, to make meanness, to be rude, to violate, not to submit to the representative of the authorities …

Let's think how suicidal for the state to destroy the foundations of law-abiding citizens! One such case is with the "ecologists", the other with the traffic police inspector - and the person who lived yesterday "by the rules" will no longer obey them. And then what? Will it all crash? Saying this, I would like to appeal to the gentlemen deputies of the Duma of the new convocation, to the gentlemen candidates for the future presidents of Russia. If you want to save the country, your first task is to preserve (restore) people's faith in the law, trust in representatives of the government and the state.

Your forecast: will prices for new domestic cars be reduced from January 2000? READER.

As you understand, these prices are directly related to the general state of the economy in the country. Ruble prices, most likely, will not change much - they will fluctuate along with the dollar, slightly lagging behind it, while the amount in dollars (or cu) for a particular car will remain constant. If the dollar, as economists promise, will smoothly rise in price by 10–20%, then the price tags in rubles will also rise, with some delay in time and the exchange rate lag (by 10–15%). A sharp, "times" jump in prices, we do not expect.

Tell me something new about the VAZ and about the models 2113 and 2114. What is the matter with them? SERGEI.

Recently I visited VAZ and have fresh information - the plant is working! VAZ 2110 and 2111 are increasingly replacing the “six” from its “native” conveyor thread. We were in the shops late in the evening - the second shift worked. Collectors, mostly young people, work well, in good rhythm. It was especially nice to see after any talk about the collapse of production, etc. At the gate where the cars leave to run onto the track, I got acquainted with the already conveyor VAZ 2115, equipped with a new Togliatti-made instrument panel. OPP is working on samples of the new VAZ 2113 and VAZ 2114 models. It is too early to write about them - in the future they will have to replace the VAZ 2108 and VAZ 2109. He returned from Togliatti charged with a good portion of optimism.

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