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The column materials were prepared by Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


The company "Delphi" is preparing a revolution in the technology of pendants - this is just the right thing on the eve of the new century.

Many are trying to make the suspension adaptive now. Of the latest models, it’s enough to recall the Mercedes-Benz-CL500 coupe or Mannesmann-Sachs shock absorbers that are customizable on the go (ЗР, 1999, No. 11). All this works, but it is very expensive, because it requires either a powerful hydraulic system, or high-speed reliable valves operating in heavy duty. The company "Delphi" (USA) took a different path and turned its attention to shock absorber fluid. What if you make her change the viscosity at the command of a computer? Such liquids have been known for a long time, they were experimented with on racing cars, but they did not dare to use it more widely - the properties turned out to be unstable, highly dependent on temperature. But the temperature regime is far from easy in shock absorbers: if at the beginning of a winter trip the liquid is cooled to, say, -25 ° C, then after a quick ride through bumps it can warm up almost to a boil!