To know the invisible, look carefully at the visible.

Ancient wisdom


If anyone points out something new … people are resisting with all their might; they … speak of a new look with contempt, .. and thus a new truth has to be expected for a long time before it can make its way.


Information is information, not matter and not energy.

Claude Shannon

The last year of the second millennium has come - the cherished boundary of many generations of science fiction writers. Until recently, we were predicted for the year 2000 walks on Mars and the popular "life according to needs." But no one thought of the construction of the pyramids near Moscow …

We live in an interesting time in the most unpredictable country - science fiction is all too tough for them. Want a pyramid in the suburbs - get it! Slightly smaller than that of Tutankhamun, so we have other tasks - we have mastered the mausoleums long ago. We begin to harmonize the space - from the Riga highway we will move to Moscow, capture the sources of the main Russian rivers, clear water, air, etc. And there we will get to the lepton fields.

Or have you already arrived? We recently wrote about a miracle pill (ZR, 1999, No. 11) - there are no batteries in it, playful hands do not crawl under the hood, and the CO in the exhaust pipe begins to melt before our eyes as soon as you put a magic circle under the gas tank … Useful thing! The gentlemen of science fiction could neither predict the appearance of the pill, nor at least guess how it works!

Well, think for yourself. Information for consideration: of the two dozen tested cars, almost everyone succumbed to the charms of tablets - except for those who have the level of CO and so on. A small nuance: one tablet helps, the other spoils. She did not like one “six” - and that’s it. Without a pill - the usual "Lada", and with a tablet of CO immediately creeps up to 6%! Something, see, need to fix …

Can't believe it? Well, it’s not necessary - the inventors are familiar to us and are not spoiled by popular recognition. By the way, there are curious documents - a patent for opening from the International Academy of Informatization, a decision to issue a certificate from the Federal Institute of Industrial Property …

Yeah, not bad. The authors staked out for themselves no less than the discovery of a global phenomenon of reducing toxicity of exhaust gases during combustion. A previously unknown phenomenon leads to a sharp decrease in the toxicity of exhaust gases of internal combustion engines and an increase in their power and economy. And yet, how does it work?

If you don’t know something, then you need to ask someone. And who to ask, if not official science? Slowly from the inventors removed the pill from the car and - go! Employees of the A. A. Bochvar Research Institute of Inorganic Materials smiled, but promised to help. After a couple of weeks, a report on the work done was in our hands - its fragments are given below.

… Measurement of a-, b-activity gave a negative result. Electrical resistance measurements showed a complete lack of electrical conductivity … The sample was cut with a diamond disk so as not to damage the inside … The spatial composition is a pattern made of spirals and coils, in which pyramidal motifs are visible. An analogue of the presented composition is a well-known oscillatory circuit, which allows you to tune to the radiation of the selected frequency. Apparently, we are talking about some kind of long-wave radiation, the nature of which is currently poorly studied.

And what will unofficial science say? It turned out to be even more difficult to summon a famous psychic, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, to the dialogue - the old man openly dislikes both journalists and his former colleagues. Twisting the wire frames over the tablet, he calmly explained that there was nothing new in this - something like this he heals people now and that is exactly what all humanity will come to in 50-100 years. In conclusion, Mikhail Yuryevich used the Pentium on the table and kindly “dumped” the following information onto the printer.

“The foundations of the theory of torsion fields were laid by the work of E. Cartan and A. Einstein in 1922. The energy intensity of torsion fields is small, and the information capacity is enormous. The information transmitted is often so great that it would take centuries to transmit it with a consistent code with reasonable physical parameters. A special class of torsion generators is made up of devices using geometric and topological forms, but within the framework of existing torsion theories it is not yet possible to explain their operation. Probably the first torsion generators using the shape effect were pyramids, spiers and domes of temples … ”

So how did it become clear? As they say, great, but incomprehensible. And if you add gasoline to the fire and report that, according to the assurances of the authors of the mentioned patent, one experimental Niva reduced fuel consumption by 67% (!) - what is it? However, what they didn’t see, they didn’t see it - we will wait.

They pushed into the testing laboratory of the certification testing department of engines of the SSC RF “NAMI”. There, as you know, they prefer to think in material categories. The pills feel this and are starting to be capricious: Volga lowered its СО level by only 5–6%, VAZ 2106 1 “jumped” from 1.5 to 5.7%, and “nine” also showed solidarity … However, moral support came. .. from the head of the laboratory NAMI N. Makarov, who closely followed the progress of the experiments. A word to him.

The expected outcome of such tests was the absence of any effect - both positive and negative. In our case, a different picture is observed - the object really affects the operation of the engine, not fitting into the generally accepted physical theories. If the phenomena mentioned by the authors, such as information structures or energy vortices, actually exist, then, perhaps, the unaccounted influence of both the equipment of this laboratory and the changing weather conditions is affecting. Therefore, the recorded results can be considered successful, and research should be continued.

So who will explain to us how all this turns out? Science fiction writers are silent, scientists spoke out. Likbez inventors …

Each object of artificial origin initially contains the correct information about its purpose - the ball for the bearing should be absolutely round, gasoline should burn perfectly, etc. However, under the influence of a wide variety of factors - from physical fields to someone's evil intentions - the information structure is distorted. As a result, the bearing overheats, and the gas analyzer shows invalid numbers.

Go ahead. We are surrounded by energy vortices wandering in search of the optimal direction. Sometimes this direction arises beyond our will - geopathic zones, Bermuda triangles and poltergeists appear. If you manage to direct this vortex in the right direction, the cost of a gas station can be drastically reduced.

Energy is controlled by information. A stable system is a minimum of energy with a maximum of uncertainty. A skyscraper is an extremely unstable system, while standing still, however, the building is maintained in full order. Once such a skyscraper collapses to the ground, it instantly turns into a stable system - no energy supply plus a complete mess in ruins. In our three-dimensional world, we can observe only different projections of information, just as the same cube can intersect a plane in different ways - an edge, a face or a vertex. It is the tablet under consideration that is engaged in obtaining the desired projection, controlling the energy supplied to the fuel.

Is everything clear to you? So we don’t. But do not despair. To begin with, we will learn if not the principle of the tablet, then at least its correct name - ETNE (energy-information fuel energy storage). And if you feel unwell - feel free to drive and come to the 44th kilometer of the Riga highway near Moscow, as we did. The pyramid will shelter and soothe. By the way, they say that the areas around her will soon rise in price …

There is no other authority than facts: only on the basis of facts can we draw conclusions for any reason.


Nature is like a woman who … showing from under her outfits either one part of her body or another, gives her persistent fans some hope of knowing her someday.