From the heart




20 thousand magazines "Behind the wheel"

and 20 thousand Moto magazines,

books from the publishing house - a New Year's gift to the soldiers of the federal group of Russian troops in the North Caucasus and the children of Chechnya.

We are far from politics - such as it is now in Russia. We are not discussing who unleashed this war and is to blame for the Chechen conflict. We do not divide humanity into enemies and heroes. But we know that people are dying in the North Caucasus. And this should not be - this is wrong.

So we think, not only the journalists behind the wheel and his younger brother Moto, but also the readers whose voices always serve as a guide.

They say that 2000 is the beginning of the era of Aquarius, favorable for the inhabitants of our planet. But how does the light phase of prosperity begin for those who are now in Chechnya? From firing guns instead of popping champagne corks. From a fire conflagration instead of flashes of fireworks. With hardships and losses instead of fun with friends and family.

Yes, to end the war is not in our power. But we can do a lot: make the world at least briefly return to the souls scorched by the war. So that the soldiers protecting the country and each of us from terrorism, know what they think about them, remember them, we are all with them. And so that the boys in the Chechen Republic do not forget: for "real men" there are other, more worthy than war, activities - motorcycles, cars, races and travel.

For the sake of this, we took part of the circulation of the two most male Russian magazines to Chechnya. On New Year's Eve, to the holiday, which even the most severe warriors await in their hearts.

And what New Year, even in such extreme conditions, without surprises? Here they are: 18 motorcycles given by the factories-friends of the Moto magazine, and 2 cars from the Za Rulem magazine. At first there was an idea to present them to the heroes, those who managed to commit an act, who deserved … Deserved? But this is everyone who does not sit out at home, does not hide behind other people's backs, but goes to defend his country, risks his own life for the peace of his fellow citizens. And nobody, probably, has the right to choose the most worthy, because they are worthy - that's it. It’s just that someone already managed to prove it, but someone’s hour has not yet arrived.

Yes, and we did not have such a goal - to reward. That is, to distinguish someone (isolate?) From others, equal. Therefore, the choice was left to fate.

The eternal "Zarulevsky" lottery drum was spinning, bringing luck to someone, but disappointment to anyone. After all, this is just a game in which there can be no defeat. A bridge to a peaceful life, where there will already be real successes, joys, wins.

The boys of the secondary school of the Kalinovskaya village of the Naursky district of the Chechen Republic, in addition to the magazines Za Rulem and Moto, received a mokick Pilot, a good peaceful toy and children's books about cars from our publishing house.

Of course, I would like to give everyone, alas, our possibilities are not unlimited. But we believe: this war will end, all wars will remain in the past, and every soldier’s dream will come true. We hope that our New Year's greetings brought this at least a little closer.

The report on the “Driving” trip to Chechnya and the drawing of motorcycles and cars can be found in the next issue.