For you and your car


Is it worth it to invest in protecting a cheap car? Let's think together.


I want to create a force protective field around my car. And I can’t - either I don’t have enough mind, or time … However, even in the most serious companies things are not better - instead of the desired field, the developers offer only "secret police" and "anti-theft". And with them, judging by the phone calls and letters, the average reader’s brains are still a mess.

Which system to choose - ours or imported? "Electronics" or "mechanics"? Expensive or cheaper? With or without installation? Wealthy owners sometimes solve the problem not by skill, but by number. In one of the capital’s companies, a client once ordered so many sensors, sirens and cameras for his car that it took them 28 days to install, plus 460 meters of wires! The transaction value, for obvious reasons, has not been announced, but it is not difficult to guess that it is slightly higher than the cost of the car from those that are called mass.

We talked about some of the work methods of professional installers with inexpensive cars earlier (ЗР, 1998, No. 8, 12). Today, capital specialists, installers from the Moscow company AUTOS-M and developers from the St. Petersburg company Magic Systems, set out their approach to the problem.

Photo 1 shows an additional door lock - a variation on the theme of the well-known patented design (ЗР, 1999, No. 2). The mechanism is driven by a standard activator from the central lock and can be used in conjunction with various “electronics” - local craftsmen are used to the “megaforsers” of the MF-3 ALPHA or MF-7 models.

It’s impossible to call such a lock really cheap - $ 60 with work plus a “megaforser” … However, the thing is useful - now it’s easy not to get into the driver’s seat, and the return trip is not easier.

To block access to the salon is very tempting. If the price of the mentioned lock is unbearable, then the standard “central lock” will come down, which can be installed in a tricky way. The usual five-wire lock on AUTOS-M is connected so that when you try to open the door mechanically, the drive will begin to resist - it will pull the traction to its original state.

Here, for example, they can … remove the ignition switch! You will have to start the car by cunning manipulations using standard and additional keys. And in order to protect the car from shorting the starting circuits to “plus”, they use a “hooligan” lock according to the figure. The hijacker's attempt to connect the positive terminal of the battery with the desired contact will not work, except for a sheaf of sparks and charred wires.

And yet, whatever one may say, the Moscow option is unacceptable for a pensioner - the installation of Russian locks with Taiwanese electronics will pull a couple of hundred dollars. Reduce this amount by ten times - no one will object to such a "revolution". And the cradle of revolutions, as you know, Peter …

The Magic Systems company produces its products in Russia - this is still a curiosity. However, the prices for these products are even more surprising - even with $ 15 in your pocket you can buy a branded product. We will formulate with the help of St. Petersburg engineers a number of basic postulates (see below) and try to evaluate the utility of St. Petersburg systems from these positions.


1. Absolute protection against theft does not provide any of the known systems. Anyone who offers such a device is either very cunning or not very smart.

2. With an illiterate installation on a car, the value of any system becomes zero. The higher the professionalism and ingenuity of the installer, the longer your machine will remain yours.

3. The more frontiers of protection, the better for you and your car.

4. The simpler the car, the more difficult it is to protect against theft.

5. If the owner of the hijacked car does not pay attention to the squeak of the pager and the flashing of lights, then neither the system nor the installer will help him.

What is required of the "secret police" to the average owner? Yes, it’s not so much - to notify about attempts of robbery, to interfere with starting the engine and not to refuse at the most inopportune moment. And if the system is controlled from a cute keychain, very similar to its “cool” colleague for several hundred dollars, then “what’s more”?

The MS-155 system shown in photo 2 at a price of $ 15.5 to $ 26 has all of the above talents. The key fob “breaks through” up to 50 meters, the built-in vibration sensor has remote control, and the interlock output allows you to disable any desired circuit using external relays. Add protection from scanning, the ability to control door locks, changing the sound depending on the degree of impact - it turns out quite well. In addition, it is no secret that the owners of expensive alarms, as a rule, do not use the whole spectrum of the capabilities embedded in them, being content with a single button.

In general, such a system is quite suitable for protecting a Moskvich from broken schoolchildren. It seems that for this price you can forgive the unimportant printing execution of the operating instructions and the ugly LED. In addition, the rugged owner will be able to install the system himself. However, for self-installation, the St. Petersburg team specially developed the MS-220 system, which is about one and a half times more expensive, but it has increased "foolproofness" and is not afraid of cable tangling during installation.

And yet, is it worth focusing on the minimum cost of the system, depriving yourself of obviously useful functions? After all, if the aforementioned Moskvich is operated year-round, then you will not envy its owner on a frosty winter morning … For this unpleasant case the tricky possibilities of more expensive systems, for example MS-400N, are provided (photo 3). You arrive home in the evening, put the gear lever “to neutral”, tighten the handbrake, cover the air damper and leave for dinner by pressing the key fob button. And the "secret police" not only saves your private property, but also periodically warms up the engine while you inspect another dream.

The security capabilities of the 400 Series systems are much higher than those of their younger colleagues. Petersburgers used a unique coding in them, "hacking" which not only a thief, but even the developer himself can not. The company mode “Mushroom” will not allow you to get lost when searching for boletus - the machine will squeaky plaintively and wink every five minutes. It is not a sin to connect a pager to such a system (from $ 31) - why are we worse than Taiwan (photo 4)? And if some dark personalities like a car full of mushrooms and you are impolitely asked from the salon, an “anti-robbery” card will help (photo 5) - it must be carried with you separately from the keychain. Without it, the mushroom pickers will not go far - in a minute the car will begin to “resent” their behavior, and then simply turn off the motor.

The price bar for such systems is at the level of $ 65; there are more expensive ones. Note that the latest Magic Systems can talk - the speech interface will cost from 5 to 50 dollars, depending on the quality of the diction. However, the forbidden numbers again run up, and therefore we turn to photo 6.

Before us is the MSRF-4 universal radio control system. In fact, this is a do-it-yourself kit consisting of a receiver and a key fob-transmitter. A four-button keyfob allows you to transmit four independent commands to the desired actuators, whether it is an engine start lock or a garage door operator. Executive channels of the receiver can operate in three different modes - trigger, pulse or potential - depending on the desire of the owner. The price of the kit ranges from 15 to 23 dollars - it remains to attach imagination and hands.

1. Additional mechanical "constipation" from the company AUTOS-M (Moscow).

2. The cheapest MS.

3 …. and the most expensive.

4. Pager.

5. "Anti-robbery" card from St. Petersburg.