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The column materials were prepared by Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


The company "Ber" has laid a unique aerodynamic


Since 2001, car air conditioners and heaters will be tested at any time of the year in a full-blown wind tunnel; even a forty-ton truck will enter her womb. But the main thing is not the size of the pipe - there are more in aviation. The fact is that the air flow carried at a speed of up to 140 km / h can be given any temperature in the range from -30 to + 50 ° C and humidity up to 95%. And from above … from above, the roof of the car is heated by artificial sun with radiation power up to 1000 W / m2! In short, almost any weather conditions can be imitated in a pipe.

Of course, not every company can afford such projects. But Ber is doing well. Confirmation of this is the latest novelty - a four-zone air conditioning system, creating with the help of just one air conditioner-heater four individual microclimate for each of the passengers. In this system, the air cooled and dried in the air conditioner is mixed with hot air passing through the heater radiator. Moreover, the latter is divided into three independently heated segments. The sophisticated damper system separates the air flows directed to different areas of the cabin. To the rear passengers, air enters through nozzles in the door pillars. Moreover, in the area of ​​the heads of passengers and the driver, a slightly lower temperature is maintained, which reduces drowsiness. Special carbon filters will not let harmful substances from the street into the cabin, and humidity is artificially maintained at 40%.