To convince the tuning enthusiast to lay out a round sum, very good arguments are needed.


Specialists of the already known readers of the Togliatti company Torgmash (ZR, 1998, No. 4, 9) found such a move. Those who wish will be offered an exclusive VAZ 2110 2 with a forced engine, an original transmission and a modified chassis for the price of a standard VAZ 2110 3. Let skeptics not be in a hurry to smile - the eight-valve engine brought this “one hundred and second” gives 110 liters. C., more than the standard 16-valve. And a number of other nodes compares favorably with the serial ones (see comparative characteristics). Of course, the tuning company cannot argue with the volume of output. But the owner will become the owner of a truly unlike other instances.

A connoisseur of tuning is waiting for technical details. The working volume of the VAZ 2111 eight-valve engine with distributed fuel injection (this is complemented by the “one hundred and second” model) is increased to 1600 cm. This is achieved by installing a crankshaft with modified crank radii and increased piston stroke to 74.8 mm. The pistons and cylinder head themselves underwent additional machining. The compression ratio of the Torgmashevsky motor is 11 versus 9.8 for the standard one. The gas distribution of the forced engine is controlled by a camshaft with extended phases. The valves remained serial, but their rise due to the new cam profile increased to 10.5 mm. To fine-tune the phases, instead of the usual, a split gear belt gear is used. The intake system has been modernized: the receiver and intake pipe have been replaced, and a modified throttle pipe with an original damper has been installed. The changes affected the exhaust system, more precisely, the channels of the cylinder head and manifold. The engine, which has increased in power, is serviced by properly tuned electronic "brains" - the program for controlling distributed fuel injection and ignition has been adjusted. Moreover, Torgmash experts can chip tuning any serial computer: GM, Bosch, or January.

The highlight of the transmission is a six-speed mechanical gearbox with a helical limited-slip differential (interwheel blocking). In the new box I, V, VI, the gears are the same as I, IV, V in the usual one. But instead of the standard II and III - as many as three converged in gear ratios. This allows you to eliminate the “gaps” between the steps so characteristic of VAZ front-wheel drive cars and improve acceleration dynamics. The main pair is at choice, but 3.9 is considered optimal, and it is recommended first of all. On request, a shift mechanism with shorter strokes and an extended shift lever can be installed.

To increase the rigidity of the body and improve handling between the supporting cups of the front shock absorbers, an adjustable stretch is installed. All shock absorbers of our own “Torgmash” production are hydraulic two-pipe with gas back pressure. Let’s add on our own: they were created on the basis of ordinary Saazov ones, but surpass them in a number of consumer qualities. The difference is especially noticeable with an active driving style (ЗР, 1999, No. 11).

And finally, about the wheels. A customer who wants to save money can leave 13-inch with standard brakes. The rest will be offered VAZ 2112 brakes (such as the “one hundred and third one”) with Italian Graf ventilated discs and, accordingly, 14-inch wheels. Gourmets - low-profile tires dimension 195 / 55R15! We will not describe in detail how we managed, without trimming the wings, to fit in healthy niches “tens” of healthy fifteen-inch “skating rinks”. Note that for this it was necessary to conjure with the angles of the front wheels, modify the mud flaps and flanging of the rear arches, pick up the departure of alloy wheels. As you can see, the Togliatti people managed to “charge” the VAZ 2110 2 to the maximum, almost without using expensive foreign components.

And now - on the road. Here the car is in no way inferior to the serial VAZ 2110 3. The motor can be safely turned for 6000 rpm - just have time to change gears. However, another thing is impressive. Usually, a forced engine resembles a sports one in temperament - you will not get smooth operation from it in the entire rev range. Somewhere on the "bottom" conceals failers or "gags". The Torgmashevsky motor does not suffer from such ailments. It pleases with enviable elasticity, confidently drives from 2000 rpm and until the electronic speed limiter trips. A considerable merit in this and competently selected transmission.

It is clear that the future owner of such an apparatus pays money for the opportunity to grab a breeze, squeak with tires on bends - to come off, as they say, for all the money. This is as much as you like. But if desired, the driver can relax, moving decently and sedately.

In addition to the one presented, Torg-Mash also produces other modifications of the “one hundred and second” with engines with a capacity of 90 and 100 liters. with. They are simpler and cheaper. However, the cost of any car will not be raised for long by the installation of imported tires, audio equipment, alarms or air conditioning. It seems that Togliatti tuning is now ahead of the capital. For the same amount, the provinces will offer deeper improvements. Widespread use of domestic components can reduce the price.

New receiver and modified pipe with throttle.

Large wheels with low-profile tires improve the look and feel of a hundred and two.