What, where, how much?


Introducing the lighting technology of fresh models of the domestic auto industry: manufacturer, interchangeability, prices.

Maxim Sachkov

More recently, the original parts for the “dozens” of GAZ and VAZ, “Samara-2”, “Svyatora”, “Sable” were considered scarce. Models are becoming massive - you can judge this by the filling parts market.

Headlight. On sale there are two types of block headlights for VAZ 2110, 2111 and 2112: Boshevskaya, which is produced by Bosch-Ryazan, and Avtosvet (Kirzhach). For the first one, they ask 1000–1300 rubles on the market, a headlight from the Vladimir region is about half as cheap. Spare parts are supplied with accessories - direction indicators and diffusers, which are non-interchangeable with competing manufacturers. The difference in the price of “flashing lights” is approximately the same as for the assembled parts: 70–120 rubles are worth Kirzhach and 250–300 rubles are Ryazan; glass will cost 20–50 and 150–300 rubles, respectively.

The price of the "autosvet" block headlight for VAZ 2115 ranges from 500 to 700 rubles, the diffuser pulls 150-200.

For “Svyatogorov”, in addition to the headlights “Hella”, they sell Russian counterparts from Kirzhach, which are 150-300 rubles cheaper than imported ones. Today, for the German headlamp assembly, you will have to pay 700–1200 rubles, for glass - 200–300.

The Volga GAZ 3110 inherited the headlights from its predecessor, the twenty-ninth. They illuminate the path of "gazelles", "sables", "bulls"; and it all started with the Muscovites-2141. Popular products are manufactured by Avtosvet, Osvar (Vyazniki, Vladimir Region) factories, and more recently, the aforementioned Bosch enterprise. Ryazan headlight is a little more expensive: 200-250 rubles; Vladimir give for 150-200. The lenses of these three headlights are the same in size, but differ in the pattern. The price for all is 25-50 rubles apiece.

“Volga” factory exits with fog lights, which they dubbed “KAMAZ” on the market. The most popular spare parts for them are plastic covers. They are lost and broken quite often, and then they are searched for a long time in all the counters. Usually in the markets they ask for 5-15 rubles apiece, but with a deficit, the price can double. But glass for such headlights is not uncommon, even white, even yellow - 10-20 rubles.

Direction indicators. Let's start with the little side ones. The shape of the repeater on the VAZ 2110 and 2115 resembles the “eight”: do not confuse, they have different mounts. In contrast to the “Samar” parts, the “tenths” during dismantling, as a rule, do not break the plastic clips.

A repeater from the "twenty-ninth" is suitable for the GAZ 3110. By the way, it is the same on the VAZ 2105, Moskvich-2141, and Bychke. Moreover, on some Volga it is orange, on others it is white. Both parts are supplied for spare parts: the price is the same, approximately 10-30 rubles.

In addition to the Kirzhach and Vyaznikov direction indicators, the products of the Moscow JSC Techosnastka appeared on the market. In the capital, they make a “turn signal” for the “Gazelle”, which differs in form a little from the regular “Volgovsky” one. The pointer GAZ 3102 9 / "> GAZ 31029 (with a white diffuser) is also installed on the GAZ 3110. But for this, the flasher will have to be finalized.

Lanterns VAZ 2110 and 2115 consist of two parts (located on the trunk lid and rear wing), which are sold separately and as a set. A lot of time searching for parts for the "top ten" will not require, but a lot of money will go - 400-450 rubles per lantern. Behind the light for “Samara-2” you run over, and then you also have to bargain: the price, as they say, is negotiable, but always high.

The taillights for the GAZ 3110 are available in two main plants. It is easy to distinguish between them: the Vyaznikovskys, in contrast to the analogous ones from Kirzhach, are darkened. What you liked, then buy - the products of the two plants are interchangeable.

The place of the previous "cargo" lights that stood on the GAZ-3302, now occupied more informative. By the way, they are gradually replacing the old lighting equipment and other trucks, such as "bull-calves". The lanterns are produced by the two above-mentioned plants. In appearance, the details are very similar, moreover, one will easily replace the other. But if you decide to change only the diffuser, buy your own for each - they are not suitable for mounting holes. For the lantern assembly will have to lay out 180-250 rubles, a glass will cost three to four times cheaper.

In contrast to the lighting technology of the onboard gazelles, the semicircular lights of vans and buses, as well as sables, are divided into right and left. Not to be confused will help a small arrow on the diffuser. Glass consists of three parts, for each of which they ask 15–35 rubles. The price of a complete lamp ranges from 200 to 250 rubles.

Block headlights for VAZ 2110, 2111 and 2112: a - Bosch-Ryazan LLC; b - Avtosvet Plant JSC.

Headlights of GAZ 3110 (and other models - see text): a - Vyaznikovsky Osvar OJSC; b - “Autosvet” from Kirzhach; c - Bosch-Ryazan enterprises.

Repeaters "Samar" (right) and VAZ 2110 (left).

The direction indicator for GAZ 3102 9 / "> GAZ 31029 (left) is also suitable for GAZ 3110. To do this, carefully break off the plate indicated by the arrow. Or look for the" native "(on the right).