The past


Not a century - just a few decades it took the car to establish itself on Earth as the number one transport. He acts either as a modest background of events, or as an active participant, or, along with people, a victim of tragic circumstances. The chronicle of the twentieth century captured him in a very different quality: an attribute of sovereign power and an assistant in the family, an instrument of power and a hard worker-builder.


1907 year. In conservative, stiff London, rivals to the usual cabs were Adams brand cabs.

1911 year. Emperor Nicholas II arrived on military maneuvers. There were several cars in the garage of the Russian autocrat, including this Mercedes-16/40 with a valveless Knight engine.

June 28, 1914, Sarajevo. A few minutes later, in this “Gref und Stift-28/32 PS”, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Franz Ferdinand and his wife, will die from the bullets of the terrorist Gavrila Principa; and in a month and three days the First World War will begin. At the Austro-Hungarian court served several "grefs"; this one now stands in the Vienna Military History Museum.

1917 year. The head of the Provisional Government A.F. Kerensky escorts troops to the front. The car, apparently from the imperial garage - English or French.

Autumn of 1917. The battle of Ypres. Suffering huge losses, British and Australian forces began to advance deep into Belgium. The truck is most likely English, presumably of the AEK brand.

1917 year. The eve of the October Revolution. The Bolsheviks launched agitation on the front. In this respectable Renault, workers at the Respirator plant brought the 15th Rifle Regiment soldiers a red banner and propaganda literature.

1919 year. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the South of Russia A.I. Denikin with officers of the headquarters near Taganrog. In a few months, the Red Army will enter the city. The car - apparently of German manufacture, possibly Audi, is assigned to motor battalion No. 1.

September 1923 Munich beer coup two months. Hitler’s attack aircraft in the three-ton Fomage-R 30Z.

1929, USA. The Great Depression: The owner of this Plymouth-Fo, having lost all the money on the exchange, is ready to sell the car for only $ 100. Only for cash!

1934 year. Croatian Ustashi shot the King of Yugoslavia, Alexander I and French Foreign Minister L. Bartoux, passing through the streets of Marseille in the "Delyazh-D8".

1937 year. San Francisco. The opening of the giant suspension bridge (length of span 1281 m) through the Golden Gate Strait. At the head of the Packard column is one of the most expensive "Americans" of the time, followed by the entire overseas auto-hit parade.

September 1939 German troops crossed the Polish border - the Second World War began. In the foreground is a 1.5-ton “Bussing-NAG G31” with a Wehrmacht license plate.

Summer of 1944. Opening a second front. US Army soldiers in the three-axis amphibian GMC-DUKW are landing off the coast of Normandy.

April 1945 Fights on the streets of Vienna. Soldiers of the 3rd Ukrainian Front in the American all-wheel drive M3A1 armored personnel carrier.

May 1945 Residents of Prague meet the liberators. Marshal Konev in the "Opel-Captain" with the body of the famous company "Glezer" before the war.

Summer of 1945. Jews who survived the bloody massacre go to Palestine to build their own state. At the wheel of the American "International N 542" German prisoner of war, as indicated by the radiator plate.

1963 year. Construction of the Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station. The ten-ton KrAZ-222 blocks over the hangar with stones.

November 22, 1963, Dallas. John F. Kennedy in the Presidential 320-strong Lincoln Continental. A few seconds before the shot … The car served in the garage of the White House with two more owners, and then moved to Dearborn, the Henry Ford Museum.

1965, Moscow. Yu. A. Gagarin at the French Embassy with a gift from the Matra aerospace concern. The company's automotive history has just begun. The first astronaut was awarded the first model - Matra-530.

July 1971 American astronauts David Scott and James Irwin explored the surface of the moon on this electric car.

1980 year. Soviet soldiers on the "goats" - UAZ 469 and GAZ-69A in Afghanistan. Until the end of the inglorious campaign for another long nine years.

September 1980 A breach has been made in the monolith of the socialist camp: the first congress of Solidarity in Gdansk. The flag of the independent trade union was carried in the rare open Polish-FIAT-125R.

December 10, 1987. Perestroika is in full swing. Secretary General Gorbachev, US Vice President Bush and the pinnacle of Soviet automobile manufacturing - ZIL-41047 in Washington (photo ITAR-TASS).