Lineups of Russian car factories: what can you buy in the coming year?


Recently, domestic manufacturers surprise with a stream of new products. The speed of movement of prototypes to the conveyor or at least to small-scale production, to the delight of non-spoiled customers, has increased. But veteran models are still in operation - the demand for them is stable, because many people can’t afford new products.


Lada has not yet lost ground. A small “classic” revolution is coming - the spread of injection into rear-wheel drive models. In addition to old acquaintances with carburetor engines of 1.5 and 1.6 liters, this year they plan to produce about 5, 000 cars with a 2104 engine: obviously, such an index will be given to the most popular one and a half liter 2103 with distributed fuel injection and a neutralizer. The assembly of “fours” and “sevens” with an engine 21073 (1.7 liters, single-point injection), which were done a little (mainly for export), is planned to be stopped. 2000 VAZ-341 diesel engines manufactured by Barnaultransmash will give fresh breath to rear-wheel drive station wagons.

All these innovations, alas, will not affect the legendary “check”. Making way for the “tens”, the VAZ 2106 will leave the main conveyor by the end of the year. Its production will be completely transferred to subsidiaries - in Syzran, Rivne, it is possible that in distant Ecuador. Thus, the “six” says goodbye to cataphoretic priming (recall, now the bodies of veterans are processed in the same bathtub with “dozens”).

Samara. In this family, perhaps the most interesting event is the appearance of a change in hatchbacks. The Samara-2 project was conceived for a long time, but so far it has been implemented in only one model - 2115. And finally, restyling of the G8 and Nine. Models 2113 and 2114 in small quantities are planned for release in pilot production (OPP), and the 2115 sedan moves from there to the main conveyor. So far this does not mean abandoning the current “Samaras” - the main volume of output is still behind them. For example, the "ninety-ninth" must collect about 70 thousand, the "fifteenth" - 40 thousand pieces. As a gift, the newcomer of the conveyor will receive its own instrument panel, which will later appear on other "Samaras".

VAZ 2111 engines (eight-valve, with distributed injection) will gradually displace the VAZ 2108 3 carburetor. In the pilot production, they will continue to assemble small batches of 1.6-liter units, carburetor and injection ones.

Specific orders will determine the volume of output of exotic rotary piston Samars, judging by last year - very few.

Tuning companies, primarily Togliatti, offer a wide selection of “bells and whistles” - from a plastic “body kit in a circle” to a serious refinement of the motor and chassis. You can also order all-wheel drive "Tarzan" (ZR, 1998, No. 10) with a body of the "eight" or "nine". The pleasure is not cheap - the base price is 11 500 dollars.

The "tenth" family is growing and gaining strength. Following the wagon, it is preparing to take its place in the main production of hatchback 2112, so far - a product of OPP technologies.

This year the last carburetor cars of the “tenth row” will be sold. The main engine is 2111, about a quarter of all cars will go on sale with a sixteen-valve 2112.

Exclusive lovers can order the VAZ 2110 9 “Consul” limousine or the charged VAZ 2110 6 with the Opel engine. Premier is more modestly addressed to customers - the “ten” with a 175-mm body insert.

Niva. The event of the year is the publication of the new model 2123, while a modest batch of several thousand pieces. A 1.7 liter engine with distributed injection has been prepared for her - a seriously modernized “two hundred and thirteenth” engine. This unit will be on the part of the former "fields". In addition to it, engines of the same volume with a carburetor and a single injection are mounted on a jeep of the previous generation (21214 - for export with a neutralizer); Some of the cars, also mainly export ones, are planned to be equipped with Peugeot diesels. Long "Niva" and mini-vans "Nadezhda" VAZ 2120 continue to be assembled in the OPP with 1.7- and 1.8-liter carburetor units. It is possible that the appearance of 2-liter engines based on the "classic".


GAZ 3111 - the most notable premiere - should appear in showrooms in spring (installation parties released at the end of last and the beginning of this year do not count). The novelty, without replacing the 3110 model, will occupy the highest step in the “Volgovian” hierarchy. The base engine is ZMZ-405 (ЗР, 1999, No. 10) with a working volume of 2.5 liters, although the first cars can also be equipped with a 2.3-liter engine. By the way, there will be no carburetor units on 3111 at all.

The Volga GAZ 3110 and 3102, which are in steady demand, will continue to form the basis of the lineup. The limited-edition station wagon 310221 will supplement it to the best of its ability. Since the second half of 1999, the Volga have been equipped with only five-speed gearboxes, processed with Vaxoil, and new bumpers painted in body color are put on 3110. And with the launch of the GAZ 3111 series, veterans following the new product will take a cataphoretic bath and go through a modern spray booth. Which, we hope, will drastically increase their resistance to corrosion.

Cars can be purchased with one of three engines - ZMZ-402 (modifications to the “76th” or, more often, “92nd” gasoline) or injection ZMZ-406. Most versions of model 3102 are with power steering, and cars of the 106th and 108th configurations are ennobled by climate control systems, aluminum wheel disks, tinted windows and fenders. All this, as well as power windows, expensive upholstery, moldings, decorative caps and other custom things can be equipped with both the GAZ 3110 and the station wagon.

For those who want to turn the Volga into something very special, several tuning companies work (most in Nizhny). Hand-made assembly, leather interior, imported climate control, refrigerator, video double … and everything your heart desires. Imported engines (fours and sixs of Toyota with a capacity of 136–205 hp and a 136-horsepower Rover) will bring the car closer to a foreign car, at least at a price (ЗР, 1999, No. 2). In Nizhny you can order a stretch in any conceivable and inconceivable configuration.

Sable will expand its range with an increase in output. The plant supplies all cars with a carburetor version of the “406th” engine under the “92nd” gasoline. GAZ-560 diesel engines ("Steyr") are mounted only on export versions. Tuning masters are waiting for those who wish to put an injection unit or, for example, equip a cabin company with the latest Russian luxury in a minivan.


UAZ 3160 is now available with a 2.9-liter carburetor engine. The plant plans to establish the production of cars with injection and an Italian diesel engine of 2.5 liters. Today you can choose a four- or five-speed gearbox. For a fee, headlight cleaners, central locking, radio equipment, and a power steering are standard. Production of the long UAZ 3162 is not yet planned.

"Goats." The ascetic-army (now often called commander) tarpaulin model 31512 jeep is still being produced. Improved seats and … final drives are offered as options. For all-metal station wagons, the list of optional equipment is much wider - a spring suspension, a sunroof, decorative trim on the instrument panel and body, noise insulation, headlight range control, a “kenguryatnik”, radial tires. Model 3153 with a base extended by 380 mm is equipped with only 2.9-liter carburetor engines.

The new UAZ 3159 Bars is as long as 3153 and as wide as no Ulyanovets (1, 600 mm gauge instead of 1, 445). Steering wheel and power steering from UAZ 3160, movable side windows, side-opening one-piece tailgate with wiper and washer; naturally spring suspension. All this beauty is set in motion by the injection engine ZMZ-409 (ЗР, 1999, No. 10) with a capacity of 148 liters. with. Even more “plague” jeeps with “Toyota” 2.7- and 3.4-liter units are offered by the Nizhny Novgorod company Technoservice (ЗР, 1999, No. 6).


"Oh yeah". Changing the name, the recent Orbit continues the difficult path to the hearts of mass consumers. The main engine for today is Ufa, with a working volume of 1.7 liters. The single-point injection version is being tested, but the first cars of 2000 will most likely be equipped with carburetor units. By the end of the year, engines with distributed fuel injection may appear. The production of Izh 2126 with a six-engine is in doubt.

Izhevsk tuning experts are doing wonders out of “od” - right up to all-wheel drive and the addition of a 1.8-liter Hyundai engine (ZR, 1998, No. 2, 6). But such cars are doomed to decorate exotic car festivals from birth.


Understanding the plant’s plans is just as difficult as finding a fully stocked and normally assembled Svyatogor on sale. Now he is preparing to take under the hood a 2-liter Ufa engine - a carburetor and, possibly, an injection one. However, at least in the first half of the year, the main units will be old friends - VAZ 2106 and UZAM-3317. The few "princes of Vladimir" are likely to follow in the footsteps of Svyatogor. Cars with Renault-F3R can still be found in the salons, but these are the remnants, the production of Renault eight-valve engines has been discontinued. The list of “holy mountain” options includes power accessories, power steering, other seats and imported tires.

The super-long Kalita (in addition to the sixteen-valve F7R, Moscow entertainers try on it even more powerful three-liter Renault and Rover V6), its all-wheel drive version and the short Duet are infinitely far from the mass buyer.


Oka is unlikely to undergo major modernization in the near future. Perhaps updating the trim, dashboard, seats. Tuning companies willingly work with the baby: they suggest changing the “exterior” and interior, finalizing the suspension and engine (ЗР, 1997, No. 11), and automating the clutch (ЗР, 1999, No. 1). Of course, all these operations increase the cost of the crumbs, but make it more convenient, more modern, and most importantly - more noticeable.

As you can see, almost all major manufacturers are planning at least some changes: outwardly, if life does not boil, then it certainly does not freeze. It is possible that in addition to the expected premieres mentioned above, surprises await consumers. It would be nice - nice …

VAZ 2105 3

VAZ 2110 3

VAZ 2107

VAZ 2111

VAZ 2131

VAZ 2121 3

VAZ 2123

VAZ 2109 9 / "> VAZ 21099

GAZ 3102 21

Gaz 3110

Gaz 3111

Gaz 2217

UAZ 3151 2

UAZ 3151 4

UAZ 3153

UAZ 3160

Izh 2126