The column materials were prepared by Alexey Vorobyov-Obukhov and Mikhail Gzovsky


Toyota Celica GT-S

Since the first Selika was published, almost three decades have passed - this happened in 1970 (ZR, 1998, No. 9). In total, six generations have changed over the years, the next, seventh is on the way. Great success is predicted for the new car - not only because it is more powerful, more economical, and most importantly, cheaper than its predecessor. The new Toyota looks youthful and smart. However, at times it seems that designers from the California city of Newport Beach, where Toyota Studios are based, were actively helped … by colleagues from Ford! A bizarre combination of broken and flowing lines perfectly meets the spirit of the “Ford” New Age design. However, Toyota has called its style almost as well - Cutting Age (cutting edge).

Behind the stylish exterior of the coupe are hiding upgraded pendants - such as the McPherson front and double wishbones - behind. Thanks to their settings, as well as a stiffer and lighter body, “sharp” steering and an extended wheelbase, the Selika tenaciously holds the road in high-speed turns.

The company Honda, the eternal competitor of Toyota, prompted the latter to create a new engine, which will be installed on the top version of the Selika - GT-S. In the design of this motor, a solution is applied, essentially the same as the Honda one: the 182-horsepower Toyota-GT-S power unit (created with the assistance of Yamaha and called VVTL-i), in addition to variable valve timing, is equipped with a control device lifting valves. This allowed to squeeze out an additional 40 liters from the engine. with. in comparison with the engine of the same working volume intended for the basic version of "Selika". In addition, the base engine is much less “fond of” high speeds, and therefore it is installed in tandem with a five-speed gearbox (in the GT-S version one step more).

Selika will appear on the roads this year and, it seems, will soon become familiar on the streets of European and American cities - because Toyota expects to sell at least 40 thousand cars of this model annually at an estimated price of 17 to 29 thousand dollars. Below are the characteristics of the modification of the GT-S.