The column materials were prepared by Alexey Vorobyov-Obukhov and Mikhail Gzovsky


Chrysler java

The concept car Java can be safely called the most compact car ever developed by the American company Chrysler. But let the small size of the machine not mislead the reader: Java is one of the most important projects for the company in recent years. Thanks to Java, it is possible to judge which Chrysler machines it will prepare for expansion into the European market in the foreseeable future. A folding, lively and nimble car that meets the needs of Europeans, nevertheless retained the cab forward design inherent to the Chrysler models - with a forward-facing interior. Although critics will probably notice the outward resemblance of Java to Honda HRV and FIAT Punto.

Java was perhaps the first clear example of the interaction between Chrysler and Daimler, which recently formed an alliance. Absolutely independent in stylistic decisions, Java was designed with wide use of A-class Mercedes units, which made it possible to produce a prototype in just six months. From the Mercedes, Java got a five-speed gearbox and a 1.4 liter petrol engine developing 82 hp.

Chrysler claims that with this power unit, a front-wheel drive vehicle weighing 1060 kg is able to reach a maximum speed of 169 km / h, breaking the milestone of 100 km / h 12.9 seconds after the start. These figures are almost identical to the Mercedes A-class, as well as the average fuel consumption - 5.9 l / 100 km. Continuing the analogy between the two cars, we note that the length of the Chrysler is 3, 768 mm, 193 mm longer than that of the Mercedes. The wheelbase of the "American" is also 65 mm longer and is 2488 mm.