Opel Astra Coupe

In the mid-90s, one of the most respected fans of the active driving style by the "opelevskaya" model came to be known as the Caliber coupe. In 1997, he was discontinued, promising, however, to soon prepare a worthy replacement. And so it happened: a few months later in Geneva, journalists had the opportunity to assess the appearance of the prototype of the new coupe based on the Astra, and at the end of last year detailed information about the Astra Coupe became known.

Appearance of the car is sustained in the style traditional for the “Opels” of recent years, only slightly more sporty than in the case with the usual “Astra” or “Vectra”. The angle of inclination of the windshield became sharper, and the frames around the windows disappeared at the doors, which made it possible to give the roof line a very attractive shape and reduce the drag coefficient to 0.28. The "retouched" front and rear bumpers will not escape from attentive eyes. These changes, neatly made in the appearance of Asters, were made by Bertone artists.

Unlike the Caliber, which had four-wheel drive modifications, the Astra Coupe is presented only in the front-wheel drive version. It has a modified suspension from Astra with other springs and an anti-roll bar, with stiffer shock absorbers and a 20 mm reduced ground clearance.

Three different power units of the ECOTEC family with a working volume of 1.8 will be offered to customers to choose from; 2.0 and 2.2 liters. The most powerful of them is a two-liter, equipped with a turbocharger and designed on the basis of an atmospheric analogue from the Vectra and Astra models. However, the other two engines are worthy of praise, because even the “weakest” 1.8-liter 115-horsepower allows the coupe to accelerate to 205 km / h.

Production of Astra Coupe is deployed in the suburbs of Turin at the facilities of the same Bertone company. If Opel manages to squeeze out competitors from Peugeot and Ford, then Italians are ready to produce up to 30, 000 coupes annually. The plans for this year and the development of a convertible based on the "Astra Coupe".