First kilometers


I’m looking at my brand new plastic “rights”. In the column "special marks": "Experience since 1979." Involuntarily, I recall how my chauffeur-driven little gods began.

The “Moskvichonok” who put me on was one of the “pick-ups” killed - the signal was turned on directly by connecting the two terminals, the “janitor” was one and, most unpleasantly, it was almost impossible to “catch” the reverse gear.

The "point" that my "Muscovite" was assigned to was mysteriously called: "Murman Pioneer." When I taxied to the address indicated in the ticket, it turned out that this was a pioneer camp in a regular school building. I met the Chief Murmansk Pioneer - the foreman of the camp. A huge fellow, two meters tall, a centner in weight, but very good-natured (I immediately called him Orphan). He explained my task: to go around the bases and warehouses and get food there for vacationing children. The assortment was enviable, but it especially surprised me that the pioneers … smoked "I will!" She, too, was taken from the base and, along with other camp "surpluses", was taken to certain shops. From there drove a blue envelope for the Orphan. From the same envelope, he paid me "business trips." Sometimes a whole thirties rushed in - for a student with a scholarship of 40 rubles a month, a lot of money!

In one of the first days of work, I was returning from another “business trip”. The road is along narrow, curved, one-way streets. And somewhere "brick" missed. I’m traveling, and towards - the “canary” of traffic police! “We break, citizen driver, ” the traffic cop began. - Bah! Yes, this is a citizen. Your certificate! ”Gave“ rights ”, began to unfold - I can’t, at least crack! My "elusive" reverse gear showed itself. I had to drive a sergeant …

Blacker than the clouds, I returned to the Murman. But the breadwinner of the polar pioneers was not embarrassed. “Let's go!” - he just said, as if cosmonaut No. 1. Exactly 20 minutes had been taken for the “Pioneer” to rescue my document. Returning "rights", the Orphan taught how to talk with the traffic police. In a matchbox put 25 rubles and if that: here, they say, light a cigarette! I offer from the heart.

Soon I took the advice. In the evening I hurried to the garage, exceeded speed - the whistle! I - for my "magic box" and instead of "rights" I give the captain.

- Who is it, you small bird, taught this? - scolded me an elderly inspector. - Go to the garage and remember: you don’t ride the steppe, but go to the village on …

-… a source of increased danger! I continued.