Our country is predominantly northern, and cars are mainly domestic. One gets along with the other surprisingly poorly, so frozen and fogged windows are no wonder. The rear seats are also cool - even in the latest models.


Understanding the wandering airflows through nozzles and defrosters is an activity for enthusiasts. It is much easier to purchase an additional interior heater - there’s how many of them divorced (photo 1–4). Set behind the back seat, energize, click the toggle switch - here you have Tashkent in the middle of Norilsk. Need to try.

They decided to test “according to science” - first we measure the currents consumed in the laboratory and evaluate the air flow parameters, and then we will check the products under real operating conditions. However, as often happens, curiosity overpowered, and therefore all the heaters first visited the salons of cold cars … After that, the dreams of Tashkent were completely dispelled, and the planned measurements were carried out with the only hope that someone would be able to find the purchased products more worthy application. Those who are interested in the details are invited to familiarize themselves with the figures given, and we ask everyone else to immediately proceed to the final part of our story.

Connecting all of the above heaters to the car's on-board network resembles a Russian fairy tale about a bear invading a tower-tower. The fact is that a 16-amp fuse was used to power the cigarette lighter circuit on Samara, and even an 8-amp fuse on VAZ 2107! At the same time, other consumers are also fed from the specified fuse - for example, a rear window heater on the “nine”. Therefore, the “bearish” attempts to get into where they are not waiting for you should end in the same way as in the fairy tale - there will be no tower or its inhabitants: the fuse must burn out, and the circuits protected by it will be cut off. Note that if the fuse suddenly turns out to be “stronger” than necessary, then connectors and wires will burn in its place.

However, it's not even about fuses. In order to calmly “suck” the extra 20-25 A loads from the generator, you will have to turn off the headlights, side lights, a fan, wipers, and heated rear window - otherwise it simply will not stand. The power of the generator is selected in such a way as to provide power to regular consumers. And where to get energy for "freelancers", and even such voracious? Therefore, you will have to forget about winter riding in the dark. But why then do you need this very heater? You can, of course, get a more powerful generator, but this is already from the field of near-science fiction. It is much easier to advise the owner of a "penny" to buy a rear window from the "five" …

Photo 1

Name: 12 VOLT DC 160 WATT HP AUTO HEATER with Pilot Light. Manufacturer - United Arab Emirates. Price - approximately 280-350 rubles.

Connects to the cigarette lighter socket. Description is completely absent. During the tests, a “narrow hole” “breathed” in a frozen rear window and looked out through it … Other “advantages” were found.

The average temperature of the air flow is 57.2 ° C, and the average speed is 4.63 m / s. The effective area of ​​the output nozzle is 106.4 cm2, the current consumption reached 11 A.

Brief description: a nice and useless product.

Photo 2

Name: 12V D. C. 160 WATT POWERFUL FAN / DEFROSTER HEAT-COOL SWITCH. Manufacturer - United Arab Emirates. Price - from 300 to 400 rubles.

An incomprehensible structure that does not correspond to its own description. The “Heat” - “Fan” - “Off” operating mode switch hanging on the wires requires fixed installation, however, at the end of the harness, for some reason, a familiar cigarette lighter plug has been soldered … If there is already a switch, then why take a socket?

The product’s abilities could not be revealed - the same tiny strip of thawed rear window just opposite the output nozzle.

The average air flow temperature was 55.4 ° C at an average air speed of 1.9 m / s. The effective area of ​​the output nozzle is 181.7 cm2, the current consumption is 9 A.

Summary - do not buy.

Photo 3

Name: AUTO HEATER FAN "PTC" CERAMIC HEATER 12V-300W. Manufacturer - Taiwan. Price - 650-750 rubles.

The creators of the heater took pity on the cigarette lighter socket - thick wires contain a hinged fuse and end with flat screw connectors. The three-position switch allows you to use the fan both separately and together with the “stove”, as well as turn off the product completely. In addition, a fan speed controller is provided.

The instruction warns that in one hour of operation with the engine off, the product will completely discharge the battery. We measure the consumed current in the laboratory - it turns out 25 A. Well, the claimed 300 W is quite real. Does the glass only thaw? Unfortunately, the frost won again. The heater body completely blocked the driver from what he managed to warm with such difficulty.

The average temperature of the air flow is 44.7 ° C. The average speed is 3.76 m / s. The effective area of ​​the nozzle is 306.6 cm2. The consumed current is more than 25 A.

Conclusion - the most powerful, but the same useless product.

Photo 4

Name: 300 WATT PTC CERAMIC HEATER FAN 12 V 300 W MODEL NO: MATE 963. Manufacturer not specified. Price - 400-500 rubles.

The mode switch allows you to use the fan without heating, as well as work in the "150 W" and "300 W" modes. But will it work?

If you divide 300 watts into 12 volts, then quite a lot will come out … The inscription on the box warns that the product’s power source must be rated at 30 A! All this is good, but why then a plug under the cigarette lighter socket? Take a chance?

The hooligan experiment with Samara ended according to Ohm's law. At idle, the product reluctantly “breathed” on the glass and inspired timid optimism. However, when starting off, a slight click was heard - the jumped voltage in the electrical system exceeded the current capabilities of the fuse … Later it turned out that along with the fuse, the cigarette lighter case was also damaged.

For all that, the 300 W indicated on the box is the purest linden! The control measurement of current consumption in laboratory conditions showed "only" 15 A, and therefore the power of the product is about 2/3 of the promised one. It follows that you should not look for ways to get around the cigarette lighter socket - there will still be no sense.

The average air flow temperature was 47.3 ° C at an average air speed of 3.2 m / s. The effective area of ​​the output nozzle is 359.9 cm2, the current consumption is 15 A.