If you choose a car, then someone needs it! And above all, manufacturing companies that receive solid advertising support in case of victory.


It is not so easy to beat a competitor in the oversaturated western market and increase sales of your, of course, the best car of the year (or even a century)! But the trouble is, there are a lot of brands, and only one can be the best. And then a saving thought comes to my mind - whether to organize your own competition, sponsor its jury, and there, you look, it’s not far from the pedestal.

So it happens in life. And the past year 1999 was no exception: the number of nominations is not much less than the new products that appeared - “Golden Steering Wheel”, “Auto Trophy”, “Best Car”, “Auto 1”, “Car of the Year” … and there is also “Car century. " It’s a pity that the time did not come for the car of the millennium, too late invented a self-running carriage.

What are the principles of choice and who, in fact, chooses? There is no uniformity here. In our opinion, the most objective and, most importantly, unbiased choice can be made only by readers-motorists. It remains for the editors to ensure honest processing of the submitted questionnaires, to publish the result and crown the winner with laurels. In this approach, we are not alone. The editors of the popular German editions Auto Auto und Sport, Auto Zeitung, Auto Bild profess this principle. And here's the curious thing. Although the readers of these magazines are essentially different people, they made strikingly the same choice! The only difference was in the nominations proposed by the editors, which is quite understandable - not to announce the same competition several times. In order not to be unfounded, let’s say that Audi TT won the Auto 1 contest (Auto Bild magazine), the “most important German news” (Auto Zeitung magazine), and the “best German sports car” (Auto magazine Motor und Short "). The other finalists are also repeating to some extent!

Not everyone adheres to such a democratic approach. The editorial board of Bild am Sontag magazine itself selects future candidates from the new products of the year. The marketing strategies of the manufacturers represent the cars in their desired performance, and the jury, consisting of experts, racers and simply editors of the test department, conducts the final “test drive”. As a result, the "Golden steering wheel" received the "Skoda Fabia." Whether someone likes it or not is another matter.

The long-suffering Rover plant came to the aid of the Italian Motor magazine at the most difficult moment, the jury of which very opportunely recognized Rover 75 as the winner of the competition with the big title World Car 1999.

Another option for organizing the contest is the choice of “Car of the Year”, sponsored by several leading magazines and carried out by an international jury of 56 members. Experts say that getting into the number of these chosen is no easier than in the English House of Lords. But once you get into it, you no longer have to worry about privileges. A mixture of objective criteria, subjective assessments, and personal or national preferences leaves enough room for startling decisions. The choice of “Toyota-Yaris” car of the year, for sure, came as a surprise to many. After all, the jury's propensity for the products of the "romance group" is well known. Over the past 10 years, only the German Golf, which was perfectly clean in all respects, was awarded this title. For the same period, four Italian and three French cars became the owners of the title. The roots of this romance excellence, according to Auto Zeitung magazine, "lie in the generosity with which the manufacturers of these countries respect the notorious jury members, informing them well in advance and inviting them to participate in cultural life."

The Japanese, as you know, learn fast. Obviously, their European governors quickly figured out how to become "Car of the Year." In any case, Yaris is the second Japanese laureate after Mikra (in 1993). However, let us leave this allusion to the conscience of the German publication, possibly offended by the “power”.

It will be interesting for our reader to learn that participating in some contests is quite expensive. And when the organizers' appetites go beyond the permissible, a scandal breaks out. So it was with the competition “Automobile of the Century” (not to be confused with ours, “Zarulevsky”), whose jury of 132 journalists demanded from manufacturers … However, it’s better to just provide an accurate translation of excerpts from accreditation letters sent to all corners of the world.

Multiplying these figures by the volume of output, we get for Volkswagen, for example, 250 thousand dollars and 21 cars. What became of the money is unclear - probably a part was spent on a grand gala show at the Venice Hotel in Las Vegas. Representatives of firms have long puzzled over the question: what will happen to the brand that refused to pay? Many felt helpless against extortion, talked about the mafia and the proposal, which cannot be rejected - the creators of the image of the cars are on the jury. Headlines like “Impudent Gang” appeared in magazines - this is about its members. However, the competition ended, the winners were determined. Here they are in front of you: in the first place, Ford T, followed by Volkswagen Zhuk (in the competition of the same name by Auto Zeitung magazine, he is, of course, a favorite), Porsche 911, Rover Mini and Citroen -DS19 ". And let someone say that the choice is biased!

At the same time, since so many people from 33 countries gathered, they chose the best representatives of the auto business. These are: the engineer of the century - Ferdinand Porsche, the manager of the century - Ferdinand Piech (his grandson), the entrepreneur of the century - Henry Ford I, the designer of the century - Giorgetto Giugiaro. In a word, worthy people.

Auto 1 - Audi TT

“Car of the Century” - Ford-T

World Car - Rover 75

“The car is a friend of nature” - “Volkswagen-Lupo 3L”

“Car of the Century” - Volkswagen Beetle

Golden Steering Wheel - Skoda Fabia

"The best car of the year" - "Jaguar-S"

"Car of the year"

* Each manufacturer is required to deposit to the jury's account 0.05 dollars for each car produced in 1998, but not less than 10, 000 dollars for one brand of car.