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How to heat an inexpensive compact car seat?


But with what. The Moscow company ALUM-TRADE produces a range of low-temperature electric heaters that are available even to those who are content with riding “Muscovites” or “Lada” cars. The polymer heater used in the products has a nonlinear resistance that increases with heating, so fires are excluded. In addition, such material is easily connected to the copper wires of the supplying harness - sparkling contacts cannot be found here.

Photo 1 shows the cheapest DIY kit. The price range of such products is from 84 to 120 rubles. The set includes two electric heaters 38x40 cm and 38x50 cm in size, designed for pillows and backs, respectively. Each of them consists of a lower thermally insulating layer, a heating element and a protective fabric cover. The heater for the seat has two heating elements, which allows you to select the desired temperature using external switches. The maximum power consumption is 58 W, while the surface heating temperature reaches 26-30 ° C in a minute and a half. Such heaters can be installed both under the seat upholstery and under the cover of the front or rear seats of the car. Of course, such products are not afraid of water.

If the previous heater is essentially a semi-finished product, then the heating pad shown in photo 2 is a completely finished product. Such a heating pad, made in the form of a flat mattress with a size of 40x40 cm, can be placed on the driver's or passenger's seat - both under the cover and on the outside, since the casing is pretty nice. Power consumption - 24 W, surface heating temperature - 26–30 ° С. Price - from 100 to 120 rubles.

The most perfect creation of the company is shown in photo 3 - this heater is made in the form of an armchair with lateral support. The size of such a heating pad is 90x40 cm, power consumption is 48 W, the temperature is the same. Cost - from 198 to 240 rubles.