Daewoo tacuma

The company "Daewoo" only a few years in the European market, however, the Koreans manage to strengthen their position. Having called for the help of Italian designers, English and German engineers, Daewoo has released several successful models, among which stand out Matiz and Nubira. Now the Daewoo is preparing for an "intervention" in Europe and a car of a different class - the Takuma minivan. “Filling” new items will also be made in the Old World, but this time the design was entrusted to the Japanese to develop. However, there is still time before the start of the conveyor, and some changes in the futuristic appearance of Takuma can still be made.

According to Daewoo experts, the Takuma is different from most competitors, combining the practicality of a minivan with the comfort of a sedan. The boot volume of the car is 455 liters, and if you fold the back seat, it will grow to 1155 liters. Very functional folding tables located in the backs of the rear seats, convenient "pockets" in the doors, a roomy glove box and cup holders. While the car is declared as a five-seater, however, the company plans to release a seven-seater version.

Currently, only two gasoline power units with a volume of 1.8 and 2.0 liters have been prepared for the minivan, although the Daewoo promises to establish production of diesel modifications as well - you can’t do without it in Europe. In the meantime, the company focuses not on profitability, but on the youthful agility of a minivan, claiming that with the most powerful two-liter engine the car gains “a hundred” in just 10.6 seconds. The machine’s equipment includes four-channel ABS, two airbags, air conditioning, and a navigation system will be developed for more expensive versions.

Since traditionally low prices for Daewoo cars guarantee Takume success, the company intends to produce annually up to one hundred thousand mini-vans, of which about 70% are expected to be exported.

Technical specifications