It is probably difficult to find a person who at least has not heard about the adventures of the famous 007 agent James Bond. Over the 37-year history of the film series, many famous actors participated in it, and with the advent of Pierce Brosnan in 1996, the image of the agent has changed significantly. James Bond changed not only the watch brand from Rolex to Omega, but also the car brand: Aston Martin gave way to BMW. In the new film "Too Small World" Bond again pilots BMW. This time it is the Z8 roadster, embodying all the latest achievements of the Bavarians. Some lucky ones will be able to feel "in the shoes" of the eminent spy, since the Z8 will soon become a production model. True, for this it is necessary to have some 100-120 thousand dollars, because the annual "circulation" of the roadster will not exceed one and a half thousand units.

Inspired by the appearance of the BMW 507 convertible, produced from 1956 to 1959, designers created an extremely beautiful car. Engineers were also at their best: attractive classic Z8 forms hid such cutting-edge technical solutions as a body made using various light alloys or a powerful eight-cylinder engine with 32 valves with a working volume of 4.9 liters.

This motor, capable of developing a capacity of 400 liters. with. and a torque of 500 N.m, for optimal weight distribution, is placed behind the front axle. The Getrag gearbox is a six-speed manual; it can optionally be equipped with a sequential gearshift mechanism similar to formula 1. Both the engine and gearbox carry their pedigree from the BMW M5, as well as the rear multi-link suspension.

So, the pedal is on the floor, and in less than five seconds the speed exceeds 100 km / h, and after another five - already 160 km / h! To stop the roadster racing at maximum speed (the electronic limiter operates at 250 km / h), the most powerful front and rear ventilated brakes and ABS with a control system for the distribution of brake force are called on. With their help, braking from the same “hundreds” will take only 2.5 s!