Long range


MAZ-5440 Belarusian new-generation trunk tractors have successfully passed certification in Russia.


MAZs were considered the best trunk tractors in the USSR; however, the choice at that time was not rich. Also KamAZ, ZIL and KAZ, but the last two are gasoline, weak and unsuitable for long-range combat. And about KAZ, there was even a saying: “Zaporozhets” is not a car, but “Colchis” is not a tractor. ”Today, the world's leading companies have to confront the market. Meanwhile, the previous MAZ models are hopelessly outdated - unreliable, uncomfortable by world standards, and it’s stink so that the road to Europe is closed to them.

ENGINE. Domestic in serial design does not yet meet the stringent European standards of toxicity Euro II, so the new MAZs, their index 544020-030, are equipped with MAN D2866LF20 engines. The latter turned out to be the cheapest of the imported ones for the automobile plant - long-standing business relations with the company are affecting. The claimed resource is 1 million kilometers, the same as a car. By order, Detroit diesel, Cummins (Euro III), Perkins, Czech LIAZ, Renault or our YaMZ will also be installed - it all depends on the purpose of the machine and the capabilities of the client.

GEARBOX also imported, company ZF. Sixteen-speed with manual (!) Control. The shift pattern is a double “H” with “halves” in each gear. If you use all its capabilities, maintaining the engine speed in optimal mode, the driver will not be bored. Lovers of comfort will have an automatic transmission installed (there are already such ones on Minsk buses), but they will also charge a price. So far no one has been found. Nevertheless, the main trump card of Minsk residents in the fight against competitors is not the flight of engineering and ultramodern technologies, but the price. The car costs 52 thousand dollars, but this is if you buy it at a certified factory service, with a guarantee. Their network, albeit not very developed, but from Brest to Vladivostok there are more than 100 stations, 13 of them own, factory. This year, the plant plans to certify its centers according to European standards.

If you take a car from dealers without a guarantee, you can save up to 20%. But will it be more profitable? The engine will knock, for example - everything happens - and for several years you will drink tea without sugar and tea leaves, save up money for repairs.

CABIN. An unusually flat floor is striking. The height of the tunnel above the engine is only 10 cm, therefore, if you equip the lower sofa (just the home sofa below, not the sleeping shelf) with safety belts, and this is provided for by its design, you get a luxurious third seat. The living space in the new cabin has dramatically changed for the better. Finally thought of a hard worker. Now he can fully relax on a long journey. There are places for a TV, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a cabinet for an ironed suit, long handrails are made on both sides for entry and exit. Yes, yes, now they enter the cabin at full height, and do not fit in, as before. Ladders lead there, the lower steps of which are almost at the very ground.

Instead of the previous autonomous heater, capable of working for two winters, the well-established Webasto is installed. It can be heated individually or at the same time the cabin and the engine and is programmed for a given temperature and turn-on time. With him there is no need to rattle the engine all night, poisoning the air in the parking lot, especially since the muffler on some modifications is brought down behind the front wheel - we are under your nose. By the way, this is not the best option also because the black hole of the muffler is very accessible to all roadside ecologists. Oh, they will not fail to put a hose in there, and there, you look, and a fine for a couple of minimum wages.

CHASSIS. Its main feature is unusually small wheels. Thanks to low-profile tires with a dimension of 295 / 60R22.5, it was possible to lower the fifth wheel coupling by 200 mm, which means an increase in the useful height of the semi-trailer by the same amount. Now its volume at the maximum permissible overall height has increased to 94 mz, and this allows more fully use the train's carrying capacity. Tires are only imported, Continental or Michelin, but the size of the Yaroslavl and Bobruisk tire plants is already in place.

The wheels of the new car are attached to the hubs with studs. Traditional wedge clamps, although more convenient, do not provide good wheel alignment. And the maximum speed of the train is serious - 125 km / h. Wheel runout should be minimal.

Suspension of the rear axle is quite modern - on air cylinders. The pressure in them is regulated from the driver's seat or from the remote control. This design allows the tractor to "sit down" under any semitrailer with a hitch-uncoupling. The same mechanism in the suspension of the semi-trailer - by changing the height of the floor, you can combine it with the loading terminal "to zero" so that, for example, a loader drives into the body.

The front axle of the tractor is on three-leaf parabolic springs with anti-roll bar.

There is also a stabilizer in the cabin, resting on four pneumocylinders with level controls. Together with the air suspension of the seats, this design provides a high level of comfort.

A test drive fully confirmed the correctness of such a decision. The car is quiet - the engine is closed by a sound-absorbing capsule. But it does not let the creak of the seats fall asleep at the wheel - they say that they didn’t put the bushes on. It does not fit the plastic cladding panels, crunching switches and other parts. However, this is quite in our opinion. There is no money or patience on trifles, attention to them is the last thing. But there is a modern telemetric system for monitoring and maintaining the wakefulness of the driver. If he falls asleep, the electronics will slow down and turn on the alarm. At the same time, a sharp buzzer will sound. It will not help - the car itself will stop and turn off the engine. A well-being sensor along with a wristwatch is always on the driver’s wrist.

The semi-trailer to the tractor also has its own, Minsk, MAZ-97584. The approach to its manufacture is the same: everything we can do, we ourselves do not, we complete it with imports. Hence the price is moderate. A “cart” with an awning, for example, costs 16 thousand dollars, a rigid thermally insulated van - 32 thousand and another 5 thousand if you order a refrigeration unit.

The money, of course, is considerable when compared with cars of previous generations, but the Mercedes-Benz-Aktros has similar capabilities already costs 90 thousand and a semi-trailer under 50. So consider that it is more profitable. As they say, in the absence of cooks usually contain … a cook.

Stud caps on studs protect threads from rust.

New office - with a lounge.

In order to place his “paws” under a low semi-trailer, they had to be folded.

The heater "Webasto" will save from any frost.

The charge air is cooled in a huge aluminum radiator.

Air balloons in the rear suspension on the main tractors displaced the springs.