This is the most perfect nonsense: a citizen of Russia Ivanov travels around the world, and in his “rights” it says that they were issued to the USSR.


At first everything was fine. In 1993, Russia acceded to the international Convention on Road Safety and, thus, automatically assumed the obligation to replace driver’s licenses. Indeed, you must admit that not every foreign traffic policeman will remember where such a Soviet Union is located. (True, most Russians “entered” the 21st century with sickle-and-hammer passports and nothing, they continue to be proud of them, but this is another matter.) Therefore, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted Resolution No. 831 of July 8, 1997, which obliged Russian citizens exchange driver's licenses for new ones and determined the exchange period - January 1, 2000.

Then everything became - as always in Russia. Although in local and central press, on radio and television, they reminded countless times of the approach of time “Ch” (ZR wrote about this repeatedly, most recently in No. 11 for 1999, “Two months to lawlessness”), they frightened with terrible punitive measures - respected Russian drivers, according to popular tradition, postponed a visit to the traffic police until the last day. Despite the fact that in 1999, in addition to 1300 “full-time”, more than 700 additional and mobile exchange points worked in the country, by December of 13 million “rights” were exchanged … a little more than half. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia was not going to come up with proposals for extending terms in the government.

But we live in Russia, and not in Germany, where you can check the clock by the time the trains arrive! We have several million (!) Drivers, apparently planning to change their “rights” on December 31, but here, to their happiness, parliamentary elections took place. On the eve of them, at an extraordinary meeting of the State Duma on December 13, dedicated to the ratification of the treaty on the Union of Belarus and Russia, a deputy from Moscow, Nikolai Gonchar, spoke (in the capital, less than half of motorists managed to change their rights) and suggested extending the exchange period. The deputies immediately remembered how many of their potential voters still travel with the old “crusts”, and almost unanimously (340 - “for”!) Adopted a resolution “On extending the deadline for replacing driver’s licenses”. On the same day, the document came into our White House, and on December 15 there appeared Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1396, according to which the validity of driver's licenses issued before July 1, 1990, was extended until July 1, 2000. The remaining certificates, "regardless of the form on which they are made and the availability of the expiration date, are valid for 10 years from the date of issue."

It is, of course, wonderful that our deputies and the government took care of those who did not manage to exchange documents on time. Only, in the opinion of many heads of the traffic police, it was not necessary to establish this term initially, especially since the international Convention does not impose such strict requirements. The person’s time for the exchange of his “rights” is suitable - he himself will go and change, and there is nothing to create a stir at the exchange points. And then again, it turns out our notorious “five-year plan in three years”! But since the traffic police received a government decree to exchange a driver’s license before 1.01.2000, she tried to fulfill this decision in full force of her skill.