Winter clothes


… and my horse. In winter, both the driver and the car freeze. Is this not a happy find for heat sellers?

Maxim Sachkov

The choice of different things designed "for sugreva" car and its owner, rich. Let's look at the winter accessories that can be found on store shelves and markets. The motorist easily adjusts them to his car, if he decides to spend money on "gadgets."

Honda Element of black magic - a magic wand designed to be inserted instead of an oil dipstick. The wand is not simple - electric, it takes energy from the battery. You immerse it in oil and for 10-30 minutes imagine how it turns from a thick substance into a slush that is favorable for starting. True, only within a radius of a few centimeters from the probe. Yes, and for oil, strong local heating is not useful. Okay, we start it … Well, the “boiler” planted the battery, otherwise they would have started the engine, as in the summer … maybe.

“Lighted” - started. A freshly frozen driver takes a frozen seat into his arms. Not to happen: for only 200-350 rubles, caring sellers will offer a domestic heated mat; similar imported “heat” is estimated at 400-600 rubles (for more details see the material “Hot-water bottle for back and below”).

Still freezing? This is temporary, caring sellers console, pointing to additional interior electric heating at a price of 200 to 700 rubles. By the principle of operation, they resemble a hair dryer - a fan blows on the heater's spiral. Basically, these cold fighters come from warm countries and work best at positive temperatures (the results of our experiments with heaters are presented in the article “When a Blizzard Hit the Window”).

Let's go, we just have to turn around. The rear window from birth did not know what a heater is, so we surrender it slowly, peering into the icy dregs and listening to the voice of the bumper. Extraordinary rear window heaters will help. A wide choice: domestic - a strap with a thermocouple inside, imported (again, Eastern tricks) - in the form of a "decal" with thin threads. The Russians cause a minimum of installation problems: they fastened with Velcro to the glass, inserted the plug into the cigarette lighter socket - and on the way. Imported fun will make the glass degrease, gently stick the heater film, “throw” the wiring and cut in the switch. The effect of the work of both is manifested somewhat more slowly than that of a standard device. Domestic agrees to work for 50-150 rubles, import - for 200-300.

For some reason, few resort to another way of dealing with ice. This is probably too commonplace: install a regular glass with electric heating. This will cost the owner of the Zhiguli 170–220 rubles, the Volga 150–200 rubles, the Moskvich-412 130–180 rubles, replacement work 100–200 rubles. If the disassembled part is in good condition, talk with the sellers: maybe they will accept it for sale.

There are many pluses inherent in replacing regular side mirrors with heated ones. They do not freeze, do not sweat, and it’s just funny to watch how the snowflakes that accidentally hit the mirror melt. However, comfort and safety will make you fork out. The average prices for a set for VAZ 2105 and 2108 are 400–600 rubles, about the same cost for Volga and Moskvich-2141. Mirrors with heating for the "top ten" rarely appear, possibly because of the high price - 1400-1600 rubles per pair. Attention, the owners of "Samar": for a full-time mirror, you can take only an element with heating. It will cost two to three times cheaper than the assembly.

In severe frost, especially on a new car, the engine often does not warm up to operating temperature. The icy wind and a big minus threaten to finally cool the radiator. Cardboard is inelegant, and not always effective (ЗР, 1999, No. 10). Please, for your strict taste, the market offers any radiator insulation: for all models, different styles and colors, from all kinds of materials. On which eye stopped - take it. Prices for radiator "sheepskin coats" and "fur coats" are low: from 30 to 100 rubles.

Who does not dream of warm water supplied by the washer to the glass! For 50-150 rubles, you have the opportunity to fulfill your dream. The heater, powered by heat from the upper radiator pipe, will melt the ice and prepare a liquid for washing the glasses. It’s only a pity that it does not melt in the tank and that the nozzles are unlikely to defrost.

Since we are talking about a windshield washer, we must not keep silent about the winter "wipers". Unlike ordinary ones, they are dressed in a special “jumpsuit”, which prevents them from freezing and losing mobility. Again, security, because the price is biting: 150-250 rubles per brush.

When choosing and buying “warm” accessories, remember that all of them are assistants at best, and not a replacement for standard systems. And you should not rely only on a heated mat or starting fluid - by themselves, without the support of the car itself, they will not give heat.

Prestarting oil heater in the crankcase.

Devices for anti-frost on the rear window: a - FEST from Kostroma, b - “sticker” from the United Arab Emirates.

Abnormal mirror with heating for "Samara". The manufacturer is the Polytech company (St. Petersburg).