Nowadays, with amateur "rights", you can drive many cars - necessary for farmers, builders, businessmen …


Consider the market for domestic delivery vehicles with a gross weight of up to 3500 kg (category “B”). Pickups, vans, even dump trucks - factories offer a wide selection of models. Some are "converted" from ordinary passenger cars, others are created from scratch and, in turn, served as the ancestors of large families. Model lines of manufacturers are presented below, we have reduced the main modifications to the table.


Togliatti successfully fill the void formed after the disappearance from the stores of cargo IZHE and "Muscovites". The subsidiary of the auto giant, VAZInterservice, offers an indoor truck VIS-2345. Buyers accept the car favorably. Not surprisingly, the body includes 3.3 m3 of luggage, and not the easiest (for that, and spring rear suspension), but at the heart of it is easy to maintain and repair, an inexpensive “five”.

The VAZ-1706 Shuttle, a less load-carrying, but more modern, well-built van, was created on the Samara platform. The cargo compartment is 2.1 mz in volume, the rear springs are reinforced, from the 2111 station wagon. Of course, the cost of the front-wheel drive layout is more expensive than for classical simplicity. A similar machine in the variant “for ice cream” and in the plans of “VAZInterservice”: the isothermal van VIS-1705 differs from the “Shuttle” in a large rear overhang.

Cultivating the fertile Niva, the engineers of VAZ and its subsidiaries created a series of interesting machines. Since the middle of last year, a pilot industrial production has been producing a VAZ-2329 pickup truck with units of a long five-door Niva. A cabin with two rows of seats provides relative comfort only to the driver and front passenger, but the rear is closer than even in the short Niva. In fact, the number of seats in the four-wheel drive pickup is 2 + 2; By the way, there is also a double option: the cabin is shorter, the loading platform is correspondingly longer. The main engine is a 1.7-liter carburetor; a 1.8-liter unit is installed on some cars. Recently, buyers can order a soft tent of a cargo platform.

Three more modifications of the popular SUV are offered by the VIS. An onboard truck with a double cab - 2346 - the heir of the Bison born in 1993. VIS-23464 - version with a 2 + 2 cab. The five-seater VIS-23461 puts passenger convenience at the forefront - a high roof, a full-fledged passenger compartment, and elongated doors from the Niva-Fora - leaving 265 kg of cargo with a very small box. All cars have aluminum body panels with a plastic coating that are resistant to corrosion; all three sides are hinged. To order, VIS offers several types of tents.

On the basis of the new Niva VAZ 2123, prototypes of pickups, including diesel ones, have already been built, but this year they are unlikely to become serial.


The bestseller of the Russian small-tonnage market - the Nizhny Novgorod Gazelle, as long as there are no serious competitors. However, the plant is consistently expanding the gamut. In addition to the standard on-board car, you can buy a GAZ-33023 with a double seven-seater cabin. The carrying capacity and body area, of course, are less than that of the base model. Vans are also made with one or two rows of seats (“Combi”). Rear-wheel drive vehicles make up the bulk of the output, but those who are forced to knock impassable dirt are not deprived. Now all "gazelles" have 4x4 modifications (in all-wheel drive indexes - 7).

The base engine is a carburetor ZMZ-4026, designed for AI-91 gasoline. The Ulyanovsk engines with a working volume of 2.9 liters (“76th” or “91st” gasoline) and carburetor sixteen-valve ZMZ-4063 (modifications for low-octane gasoline are not provided) are placed on a part of the cars. Of course, one and a half truck lacks a diesel engine: the expensive GAZ-560 ("Steyr") is still mounted only on export cars, the promising ZMZ-514.10 (ZR, 1999, No. 10), perhaps this year will grow to small-scale production.

As options for the "gazelles" offer a double-row radiator, chrome lining.

Saransk Automobile Plant fulfills orders for those wishing to buy a Gazelle-dump truck. The choice is not limited to the basic GAZ-SAZ-3512 with a three-seater cabin. All-wheel drive version 35121 is suitable for Russian construction projects, where clay is usually on the hub. GAZ-SAZ-35122 with a seven-seater cabin is able to become … a family dump truck. The price of a standard car is about 105, 000 rubles.

Specialized firms mount a wide variety of vans on furniture and a truck chassis - furniture, isothermal and others.

“Sables” are produced in three- and seven-seater versions. The “furry beast”, losing to the “hoofed” sister in carrying capacity and spaciousness, is more agile, and the gait is softer thanks to the spring-loaded front suspension. In addition to all-metal vans, the plant prepared for the production of on-board GAZ-2310. Whether the car becomes a serial depends on demand.

Nizhny Novgorod tuning companies propose to install an injection ZMZ-4062 or Toyota and IVECO diesel engines on gazelles and sables (ZR, 1998, No. 7). Cars with an imported heart are significantly more expensive than standard ones.

To the attention of Russian Cool Walkers: this year GAZ plans to start production of the Ataman family. It includes a four-wheel drive pickup 2308 (a 4x2 - 2307 option is also provided) and a seven-seater passenger-and-freight car - a kind of Russian Chevrolet-Saberben (ZR, 1999, No. 8).


The veteran of the automobile industry - the onboard UAZ-3303, nicknamed the tadpole, which leads the pedigree from the 1958 UAZ-450 model year, is still in service. A frankly outdated car can attract a low price and an enviable cross-country ability, because all the “Ulyanovsk” are all-wheel drive. Options - awning, high sides, folding benches in the back and an additional gas tank. For the long-wheelbase 2.9-liter UAZ-33036, two tanks and an awning are standard.

The same set will be received by the buyer of a five-seater modification - 39094 with a non-original proper name “Farmer” and an original transformed interior. Raising the back of the rear seat, you can arrange two berths: not too comfortable, but for a reserved seat will do.

On-board car model 39095 - UAZ for truckers. A long chassis, a one and a half cabin with a berth, a motor of 86 forces.

Overhead parts made of plastic inside and out a little refresh the oldies. Those who wish to save money can order a car without decorative innovations.

The UAZ-3741 van - a cargo "loaf" - opens a list of all-metal "UAZs", also recently replenished. The cargo-passenger models 3909 and 39099, which differ in power units, are similar in layout to the Gazelle-Combi. Recently, the plant released new modifications, close relatives of ambulances - 3741–210 (2.45 l) and 37419–210 (2.9 l). Having thrown back seats, the eight-seater bus can be turned into a glazed van.


At the end of last year, the last descendants of Moskvich-412, the “heels” of the 2715 model, were assembled. Separation took place without sadness, especially since they disappeared from stores much earlier. The reason is not at all rush demand, but the meager production of recent years. Now the plant is trying to "untwist" cargo modifications of the Oda. The main power unit of the van and pickup will apparently be the Ufa 1.7-liter engine, first with a carburetor, later, God willing, injection. How will cars be accepted in a market already occupied by frisky competitors, and how many freight ods will they make? The position of the plant is difficult …

ON them. Baranova

Omsk machine-building enterprise undertakes to organize the assembly of pickups "Moskvich-2335" (ЗР, 1994, No. 9) in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. So far, several dozen vehicles of the pilot batch have been produced. The prospects for the Siberian production of "Muscovites" are directly related to the capital's AO and its allies, and therefore joyless. In Moscow, understaffed "svyatogory" clutter up factory and near-factory territory and dealerships. So wait for the rhythmic deliveries of parts to Omsk, and from there, in turn, cars, unfortunately, are not necessary.

The market for domestic category "B" trucks is not yet striking in abundance, but it already pleases with variety. Demand for delivery cars does not fall, which means that buyers have the right to expect reciprocity from manufacturers - the appearance of new products.










GAZ-2705 "Combi"

GAZ 2752

UAZ-33036 UAZ-3303