The heading is Dmitry Zhernov

It’s nice to drive along the main road and know that the “cross” people respect you - according to the Rules. That's why it is the main road to distinguish a respected person from … a secondary one.

In this case, I would like to understand: why are we being led astray … in the main direction? So, in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region, at the intersection of Lomonosov and Morskoy Avenues (photo 1), sign 4.3 “Circular motion” (see the original in the SDA) … against “wool”? Offend strive? I would like to see how the exit to the main road is organized at the end of the first semicircle. Or an ordinary intersection in the city of Cherkessk (photo 2). Why do drivers need the main road if it’s not possible? The secret in sign 3.18.2 is “No left turning”. Pay attention to the strikethrough stripe. According to GOST, it is from left to right, but here … Feel free to turn and take advantage of the benefits - the abstract sign must be read along with the announcement on the pillar: "Circus Cruise."

Not so bad. In many cities, signs with the direction of the main road, on the contrary, try to strengthen the sense of self-worth in the drivers. For example, in Kolomna (photo 3). No matter how many (on the square table 7.13 reality contrary to the four-way intersection is drawn) secondary roads, the main one … keeps its direction. A similar situation (photo 4) and in Volkhov, Leningrad region.

And what does this lead to? Loss of orientation on the main road. Tell me, how many kilometers to Cherdyn, that in the Perm region (photo 5) - six or more? A loss of orientation threatens a change of course. And there, you look … It would seem, just a sign, but how many opportunities. It threatens us. Suppose, after leaving (of course, on the main road) from a gas station in the village of Novy Rogachik, Volgograd Region (photo 6). Or on the street Staroalekseevskaya in Moscow (photo 7). True, in the latter case, one feels concern (if it were not for the second “zero” lost): they say, don’t … be afraid of the speed bump, hidden in the form of sign 1.16 “Uneven road”. Moral: on our routes the main direction is common sense and caution.v