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The materials of the "New" section were prepared by Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV, Mikhail GZOVSKIY and Leonid SAPOZHNIKOV


It does not interfere, but helps the diesel engine to work.

About light diesel engines of the DT series of the Kharkov plant named after Malyshev ZR already wrote (1997, No. 10). The two-cylinder then managed to "register" on the KhTZ conveyor, the "treshka" was intended for Lutsk cars (in particular, for the LuAZ-13021 micro-truck), but the fate of the four-cylinder seemed foggy. And now it became clear: they will be equipped with UAZs of Ukrainian assembly.

There is a plant "Auto Unit" in Krasnodon of the Lugansk region. Created as a subsidiary of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, today it feeds its conveyor with vacuum brake booster and shock absorbers, receiving in return car kits for assembling UAZ vehicles. Up to 2, 000 cars can be produced here annually. That is how many four-cylinder diesel engines 4DTNA is ready to produce at the Malyshev plant.

We emphasize that not only the engine itself was developed and manufactured here, but also all its fuel equipment. Due to this, the price of the Quartet is relatively low: 2–2.5 thousand dollars (foreign counterparts - 3-5 thousand).

“We consider the 80-horsepower model to be the basic one, ” Alexander Gritsyuk, chief designer of the design bureau for engine building, told the correspondent of ZR. - With a two-liter displacement, you can increase the power to 120 liters. with. This is the direction of further modernization.

The design office paid particular attention to the environmental friendliness of the engine. The solutions embedded in its design, "allow you to get closer to Euro II." So, with commendable restraint, Gritsyuk put it.

The developers of the Quartet were confused by the problem of internal noise: according to GOST, it should be no higher than 78 dB. BISON helped - a basalt sound-insulating flame-retardant non-toxic coating created at the Institute of Materials Science of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Dark gray sheets containing graphite and basalt fibers are easily cut, bent and glued to metal. The enterprise “Kyivaviapromnaladka” undertook to release them - completely from local raw materials. The coating was tested on Ukrainian planes, tractors, excavators, KrAZ, but because of the lack of money the plants did not reach large orders. And BISON found its application in the engine compartments of the Krasnodon UAZs (in the photo it is clearly visible on the front shield). In different sections of the compartment, sheets from a thickness of 3.5 to 6 mm are used. At the request of the client, it is possible to further cover the cab, reducing the noise from the transmission and wheels.


The number of cylinders - 4; working volume - 2000 cm3; cylinder diameter x piston stroke - 88x82 mm; power at 4000 rpm - 59 kW / 80 l. with.; maximum torque - 172 N.m at 2400–2800 rpm; the mass of the diesel in the delivery set is 175 kg.