Honda insight

The company's specialists set themselves the goal of constructing a car that consumes half as much fuel as the one and a half liter Honda Civic. In contrast to the super-economical three-liter diesel Volkswagen, the Honda took a gasoline engine as the basis, since diesel fuel is not favored in Japan and the USA, and Insight is intended for them in the first place. So there was a liter three-cylinder gasoline engine with direct fuel injection, variable valve timing and pistons with a vortex combustion chamber that allows you to work on a lean mixture.

A compact electric motor was placed between the engine and the five-speed manual gearbox, which adds eight more to the 68 “gasoline horses” necessary for active acceleration. Thanks to the electric motor, “Insight” excellently pulls on the “bottoms”. If the maximum torque of 90 N.m of gasoline engine is achievable only to 4800 rpm, then paired with an electric motor of 112 N.m at your service already at 1500 rpm! In acceleration from a standstill and maximum speed, Insight will not yield to many traditional gasoline cars, for example, an A-class Mercedes with a 1.4 liter engine! When braking the machine and idling, the electric motor goes into generator mode, recharging the batteries - several nickel batteries with a total weight of 30 kg, the service life of which, according to Honda, is similar to the Insight resource - ten years.