The last minutes of the evening twilight passed. Snow sparkled with white and yellow reflections of street lamps, in the pedestrian “zebra” numerous headlights reflected. The bright picture was violated by the Six, dashingly flying along the right lane with only one mismatched marker lights …


“At night and in conditions of insufficient visibility, regardless of the lighting of the road … on a moving vehicle, the following light devices must be switched on: on all motor vehicles and mopeds - high or low beam headlights …". Clause 19.1 of the Rules of the road.

Not only the basic law of road life, but common sense also suggests: turn on the light in the dark! Why do many neglect this? Having asked a simple question, together with the traffic police inspector, we reached one of the capital's crossroads. A wave of the rod towards VAZ 2106 …

- Good evening, I’ll ask for documents … In the dark, do I have to turn on the “dimensions” or the headlights?

- Lights … seem to be.

- And why do you only have sidelights?

- So it's not night yet …

Allow me! Nothing to do with the night. Headlights include in the dark - “… the time interval from the end of evening twilight to the beginning of morning twilight.” - Clause 1.2 of the SDA. “Twilight covers a certain period of time after sunset and before sunrise. On the latitude of Moscow in early March, evening twilight ends at about 19 o’clock. ”- Comment on SDA.

A blowing snow swirled over the road, the captain's epaulettes were dusted with snow. From the blizzard right on us, the “Maxim Nissan” solemnly emerges with the only headlamp luminous with a weak marker light …

- It’s not good, dear: you have only one “size” on.

- Yes you! But I don’t see …

- Exactly! And you are not visible. Lights why not turn on?

- Yes, it’s so light here. I’ll drive into the yard - I’ll light it.

- Do not forget?

- I’ve been driving for 25 years!

Long experience is hardly endowed with cat vision. But even so, the light is needed not only (and in this situation - not so much) to you! Against the background of cars going with noticeable bright lights, yours simply disappears. What are other drivers like? And to pedestrians ?! The latter, by the way, are allowed to move and with impaired vision.

“The rules prohibit the movement only with the side lights on … This requirement is aimed at the best“ designation ”of the vehicle … and ensuring the visibility of the road …” - Comment on SDA.

The contours of the "Gazelle" appear in the snowy veil, indicated by the "overall" size of the only mud-stained mud.

- Hello! Did you learn the rules?


- Paragraph 19.1 know what it says? In the dark … And what are you going without light? See how the headlights work - no way?

“Well, why not?” Here you are. - The roadside is brightly lit by flashing headlights. - And the "envelope" has just gone out …

- Why didn’t you turn on the dipped beam before?

- You see, it’s so light here, but the headlights … They blind! You look in the mirror - nothing is visible. So I don’t want to blind anyone! In general, I’m a cautious driver, I always turn on the lights in the alleys.

Unfortunately, the driver’s caution does not make the car more visible. In the dark, all cats are sulfur … And as for blinding - the lights should not be turned off, but adjusted.

Suddenly, a police walkie-talkie casts a voice: "Seventeenth, a blind man is coming at you." And for sure, the nine, not indicated by the lights, starts abruptly at a traffic light … The inspector's baton marks the finish of a stormy sprint.

- What are we going blindly? The light must be turned on!

- Oh! You know, I forgot. Just left the office. I forgot!

- But in general, turn on the lights in the evenings?

- Is always!

“Blind” in police slang are cars that move without light at all. Forgetfulness of drivers is not always, but quite often explained by the action of strong drinks … therefore, the "blind" inspectors stop by all means. In contrast, by the way, from the "half-sighted" - traveling only with marker lights. As a rule, dangerous invisibility does not attract the attention of the traffic police - but in vain! Well, if an intruder is caught, he “shines” (instead of headlights) a warning or a fine from 0.2 to 0.5 minimum wage.

And here is another “blind” … although no, on this grimy “Niva” the lights “just” are closed by a kenguryatnik … so that from a certain angle a certain flicker is still visible.

- What do you think, are you using light devices correctly?

- What is it?

- Your headlights are off! The next driver will not notice your "Niva" and …

- Oh! Yes, I actually turn on the lights, I just stopped, I went for cigarettes, and then I forgot - so I drove alone with the "dimensions" … And so, I see, there are foglights. But here it is light, why in vain light bulbs to burn …

Still, it’s not in vain that the Ministry of Health warns … As for the fog lights - there’s not much use from them, covered with plugs. In addition: “Instead of dipped beam in the dark … you can’t use fog lights.” (Comment on traffic rules.) Words about saving bulbs sound just wild. Not to mention longevity - is their cost comparable to the price of the possible consequences of driving blindly?

According to our estimates, approximately 30% of Moscow drivers neglect the Rules - they drive, not including the headlights. Of these, about 40% simply do not know paragraph 19.1, 30% consider city lighting sufficient to drive almost like during the day, and the rest suffer from chronic forgetfulness. Compare this data with a survey of readers - scattered people are also sure that they always denote themselves as low beam …

Do not voluntarily or involuntarily tempt fate and play on the road in "blind man's shoes". Take a look at the situations we simulated and - may there be light!

The editors thank the 6th department of the traffic police of Moscow traffic police for their help in preparing the material.

So the driver will see (not see) the pedestrian: a - when the dipped headlights are on; b - with the side lights on.

And so it looks in the eyes of a pedestrian: a - two cars are visible;

b - one is visible … although the second remained in the same place, only turned off the headlights, leaving the "dimensions".