Are there many fantastically rich people in the world, whether they are Arab sheikhs, movie stars or titled persons in whose veins “blue blood” flows? Apparently, a lot, since the head of Volkswagen Ferdinand Piech found it appropriate to give the green light to the project for the production of the chic Bugatti-EV218, which, by design, should occupy the highest step in the automotive hierarchy, leaving behind even the Rolls-Royce ". This event is expected in a couple of years, when the rights to the Rolls-Royce will be transferred to BMW, and Volkswagen will have to be content with Bentley. In this case, the German concern and acquired the rights to the legendary French brand "Bugatti."

I must say, Volkswagen is sparing no effort and money in fine-tuning the future production supercar. This money is considerable - only the prototype of the EB218 cost the concern $ 10.9 million! But there was also the EV118 coupe, shown in 1998 in Paris.

The design of the EB218, as well as the design of its body, was developed by Fabrizio Giugiaro - the son of the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro, owner of Italdesign. Behind the graceful contours, in which the Bugatti aristocracy of past years is guessed, there is a spatial frame, body panels and chassis - all made of aluminum alloys. By the way, competitors from BMW chose the same material for their version of Rolls, which will probably be released along with the Silver Seraf model. According to Piech, it’s not wise for BMW to discontinue the Silver Seraf just five years after its debut. After all, Rolls models usually live long, often stepping over a 15-year milestone. But back to the Bugatti.

Exotic W-shaped arrangement of cylinders (in quantity, as you remember, 18) provides for their pairwise operation, so it is not surprising that the sound of the working "monster" is unique and inimitable. Its 547 l. with. they allow the car to “shoot” up to 100 km / h in just 4.5 s, and stop the confidently continuing acceleration and at 255 km / h acceleration is only possible by an electronic limiter. Serious 479 Nm of torque through a five-speed automatic transmission are transmitted to all wheels and immediately accelerate the car, even if the engine speed has dropped to 1000 rpm. However, for many future owners of Bugatti, neither the numbers of technical specifications, nor the price tags play a decisive role. More important is exclusivity and comfort. Bugatti, no doubt, will please its owners with both of them.