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The materials of the "New" section were prepared by Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV, Mikhail GZOVSKIY and Leonid SAPOZHNIKOV


Audi launched the company in the literal sense of the word, having built a new wind tunnel.

In Ingolstadt, the “capital” of Audi, an aerodynamic research center was put into operation, the basis of which was a unique wind tunnel. We have addressed this topic more than once, but apparently we have not yet exhausted it: now the designers decided to surprise the world with the most … quietest unit. And not for the sake of protecting the environment from a howling giant fan, the point is completely different. German automakers are going to investigate not only and not so much the streamlining of the body, but how to measure and reduce noise from the incoming air flow. And in these experiments, extraneous sounds are completely useless.

The bench parameters are impressive: the “wind” speed is up to 300 km / h, about 900 mz of air is pumped per second, the fan power is 2600 kW. The length of the air corridor is 47 meters, while it is closed in a ring. That is, the flow is driven in a circle and thereby save a lot of energy. But what about the inevitable noise? They try to suppress it by all known methods: instead of a simple blade fan, a turbine unit with a complex combination of movable and fixed blades is used, guide vanes made of noise-absorbing material are installed on each corner of the channel, where the flow should turn 90 °, and, finally, the “remnants” of low-frequency noise dampen … powerful speakers, emitting sound waves in antiphase to compensated. As a result, the air turbulence is so small that the researcher can approach the flow rushing at maximum speed to a distance of one meter and not feel anything!